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Adjectives of Feeling



Phrasal Verbs

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Vocabulary Lists from the Questions

Avoiding Overly Formal Language

Noun-Adjective Pairs

Word Combination Lists These lists were created to help you learn the stress patterns (着重模式) to use when speaking different word combinations that form a two-word noun or an adjective + a noun combination. You will increase your vocabulary by reading and mimicking the sound recordings of these words and by seeing the definition and examples of use for some of these if the links take you to the MacMillan Dictionary website. However, you should not think of these lists as an "IELTS vocabulary list" because some of the examples are too rarely used, too technical or too informal for the typical IELTS Speaking test, although many of the examples in the lists are suitable for you to learn as preparation for the IELTS test. Use the lists primarily for pronunciation training, but knowing that you are also increasing your vocabulary at the same time.