(Written February 20, 2008)


Phrasal Verbs

Bands 7 & 8 speakers can use idiomatic phrases quite well. Phrasal verbs (短语动词) (sometimes called ‘two-word verbs’) are especially good examples of idiomatic phrases. Some examples of these are: ‘look after’ somebody; ‘come up against’ difficulties; ‘look forward to’ something in the future. Even if you believe you are a Band 5.0 level English speaker, try to increase your knowledge of phrasal verbs.

Some phrasal verbs are quite easy to learn while others are more difficult to learn. Naturally, you should learn the easiest ones first. So far, I have not created a recommended list of phrasal verbs, listed from easy to more difficult. This will be done in the future some time. However, the many lists and quizzes that you will find by following the internet links below will expose you to many phrasal verbs.


Websites on phrasal verbs in general


Websites with lists of phrasal verbs


Websites with quizzes on phrasal verbs. (There are many other websites similar to the ones below.)