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The examples shown below are examples which either, a) don't have any or enough similar examples to enable a "set" to be formed or, b) I simply have not yet added them to the previous pages.


a backstabber

a battering ram

a batting average

a beachcomber

a bean stalk

a bear hug

a beauty pageant

a beauty parade

a beehive

a bellhop

a belly flop

a belly laugh

a billiard cue

a billposter

a blood clot

a blood feud

a blood transfusion

a body image

a body snatcher

a body stocking

a bomb scare

a bowling alley

a bowling green

a box-kite

a brain teaser

 a brain tumor

a bull’s eye

a bus shelter

a card catalogue

a card index

a card sharp

a carrion crow

a cat burglar

a cat flap

a catnap

a cattle grid

a chamber concert

a chamber orchestra

a character actor/actress

a character reference

a chickpea

a child minder

a chimney stack

a chimney sweep

a chinstrap

a cloudburst

a co-pilot

a coat hanger

a cobweb

a cockroach

a confidence trick

a corkscrew

a couch potato (colloq.)

a cough mixture

a court martial

a crossbreed

a cross-section (also: a cross-section)

a cupbearer

a curling iron

a death-wish

a demon slayer

a desk clerk

a dinner appointment

a disc jockey

a dog-biscuit

a dog-collar

a draft dodger

a faith-healer

a fare-dodger

a feedlot

a film censor

a fingertip

a fire escape

a fire extinguisher

a fire hydrant

a fire risk

a firebrand

a firecracker

a fish finger

a fishing expedition

a fishpond

a flight attendant

a floodplain

a fly swatter

a food coupon

a footlocker

a fortnight

a freighter cabin

a fruit bat

a goose pimple

a grain pasture

a grapevine

a groundswell

a hairdresser

a hamstring

a hand grenade

a handclap

a handcuff

a handkerchief

a handrail

a handspring

a hang glider

a hatchback

a headscarf

a heart-throb

a honeycomb

a honeymoon

a house husband

a jail sentence

a kick-start

a killer whale

a killjoy

a landlord

a landlubber

a laptop (computer)

a learning curve

a litter tray

a love affair

a milk churn


a mother tongue (also: a mother tongue)

a motor vehicle

a motorcade

a news announcer

a newscaster

a newsflash

a newsreel

a nightmare

a nosebleed

a nose-flute

a nursery rhyme

a nutcracker

a paddle steamer

a peace dividend

a peace initiative

a peace offering

a penalty clause

a pickle jar

a pipe fitter

a photocopy

a power outage

a price hike

a rabbit hutch

a rabbit punch

a rabbit warren

a rabble-rouser

a research fellow

a river city

a road hog

a road surface

a sand dune

   a screenplay

a sea creature

a sea lion

a sea route

a sex slave

a shareholding

a shirtsleeve

a shoelace

a shoo-in

a shoplifter

a showdown

a showstopper

a side-dish

a shock absorber

a shock jock

a show off

a shutdown

a shuttlecock

a skyrocket

a skyscraper

a sleeping pill

a smokestack

a snake charmer

a snow leopard

a snowflake

a soup kitchen

a space journey

a space shuttle

a spending spree

a stargazer

a stepsister

a stick insect

a sticking plaster

a sting ray

a storage capacity

a sun dial

a sun tan

a talent scout

a tax increase

a taxpayer

a tear-jerker

a test tube

a text message

a time warp

a timeframe

a tourist attraction

a tourist potential

a trade deficit

a trade embargo

a trade expo

a traffic circle (Br. = a roundabout)

a traffic offence

a trailblazer

a transportation hub

a travel alert

a tree trunk

a U-turn

a wash basin

a water cannon

a water flask

a weather forecast

a weather forecaster

a webpage

a webserver

a wedding banquet

a winning streak

a woodpecker

a work ethic

a youth hostel

a/the torch relay


an agony column

an air pocket

an air raid

an army barracks

an art gallery

an earthquake

an egg yolk

an enrolment quota

an escape attempt

an eyebrow

an ice floe

an inspection tour

an intelligence quotient

an internet shopper

an oil consumer

an oil platform

an oil refinery

an oil slick

an oil tanker

an organ grinder

ankle sox


ballot rigging


bean curd (not type 4. This mean a type of curd.)

beauty sleep




body armour

body odor

body piercing

boxer shorts

brain death


business opportunities (Also: business opportunities)

caster sugar

cat litter

chain mail



child support



clingfilm = clingwrap


cotton buds

couch potato


credit tightening

crocodile tears

crow’s feet

date palms

dog sledding

drug dealing



ear lobes


exhaust fumes

eye lashes

eye shadow


fish meal

folk customs


gold dust

golf clubs

goose bumps


hand-baggage (= hand-luggage)




house arrest


law enforcement

meat inspections


money laundering

nail varnish

nursery rhymes

paper folding

peace talks


profit generation

purse strings

salad dressing

shark bait


shock tactics

shock troops

shower gel


sports activities

sports goods (= sporting goods)

sugar beet

sugar cane

swimming trunks

tax revenue

the bird flu

the death penalty

the dress circle

the fire brigade

the gun lobby

the pole-vault

the seashore

taste buds

tooth decay



washing-up liquid

water polo



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