Type 4: Special Noun + Noun – STRESS ON SECOND WORD

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4c: The First Word is a Time Word

The time can be a time of the day, such as "morning" or a time of the year such as "summer" or another time. For example, a summer holiday (= a holiday in summer) and winter sports (= sports of winter).



Time of the Day

‘burn the midnight oil’

a late-night meeting

a late-night supper

a midnight snack

a midnight feast

the midnight sun

the "land of the midnight sun"

morning run

afternoon tea

an afternoon nap

an evening stroll

morning exercise(s)

morning tea

the evening meal

the midday meal

the midday sun

the midnight sun

the morning calm

the morning mist

the morning newspaper

the night sky

a night watchman

daylight robbery


Time of the Week

a midweek meeting

a Sunday drive

a Sunday driver

Friday afternoon

Monday morning

Saturday night

Sunday dinner

Wednesday evening

weekend activities

the Sunday papers (= i.e., newspapers)

the Sunday paper

Time of the Year

a spring break

a spring day

a spring onion

a spring shower

a summer cottage

a summer holiday ('holiday' = 假期)

a summer storm

Christmas Eve

Christmas Day

Christmas dinner

a Christmas carol  (also Type 1)

spring cleaning

spring weather

a Spring chicken

summer rain

the autumn leaves

the spring flowers

the summer heat

the winter snow

the winter solstice  (= the day with the shortest period of sunlight in the year)

winter clothes

winter snow

winter sports

spring fever


A Time of One's Life

a childhood friend

a childhood sweetheart

a childhood toy

childhood memories

childhood photographs




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