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  4a: The First Word is a Material of which the Second Word is Made 

For example, a gold medal (in the Olympic Games) and cloth cap. Here, "a gold medal" = "a medal made of gold" and "a cloth cap" = "a cap made of cloth".

The 4a. examples are sorted into the following groups: Clothing Materials; Metals and Construction Materials; Jewellery and Precious Materials; Food Materials; Other Materials; Energy and Fuel Materials; and, Chemical Materials + A Process or Activity.

Note that many (or most) of the audio recordings available on the internet are recordings of expressions or 'set phrases' that can be found in the dictionary. These expressions are often not literally true. For example, "an ivory tower" is not really made of ivory and "a glass ceiling" can either be a true ceiling made of glass or it can have a figurative meaning.

But, whether the word combination is an expression or a true description such as, "a glass table top", the way you say it (i.e., the stress pattern) is the same.



Clothing Materials

a cashmere sweater

a cloth bag

a cloth cap

a corduroy jacket

a cotton dress

a cotton shirt

a flannel shirt

a fur cap

a fur coat

a fur hat

a grass skirt

a hair shirt

a leather belt

a leather coat

a plastic poncho

a polyester shirt

a silk dress

a silk shirt

a straw hat

cloth shoes

leather shoes

nylon stockings


 Metals and Construction Materials

‘an iron grip’

‘an iron rice bowl’

‘an iron lung’

a ‘glass ceiling’

aluminium foil

a bamboo pole

a bamboo raft

a brass band (the musical instruments played by the band are made of brass)

a brass plate

brass knuckles

a brick wall

a bronze sculpture

a bronze medal

a bronze statue

a clay pipe

a concrete barrier

a concrete floor

"the concrete jungle"

a concrete slab

a copper coin

a lead pencil

a lead pipe

a marble column

a marble staircase 

a metal box

a plaster ceiling

a slate roof

a steel door

a steel guitar

a steel hull

a steel pipe

a steel drum

a stone bridge

a stone lion

a stone slab

a tile roof

a wood floor [= a wooden (形容词) floor]

an iron gate

an iron lung

bamboo craft products

bamboo furniture

cane furniture

copper wire

metal plate

steel wire

steel wool

a marble arch

a "lead balloon"


 Jewelery and Precious Materials

a copper bracelet

a diamond ring

a diamond wedding

a gold medal (Not, "golden medal". "Golden" usually means, "like gold in colour" or "like gold in value". "Gold" here means, "made of gold".)

a gold ring

a gold watch

a gold disc

a jade carving

a jade pendant

a pearl necklace


a sapphire ring

a silver anniversary

a silver bracelet

a silver medal

an ivory carving

an "ivory tower"

gold leaf

silver paper = silver foil

silver plate



 Food Materials

(Note: ‘Juice’ is included in Type 1, not this group. We say ‘fruit juice’, ‘orange juice’ etc. to indicate the type of juice.)

a banana split

a chocolate milkshake

a meat pie

a peanut butter sandwich

a pork chop

a salad sandwich

a strawberry milkshake

an apple turnover

an ice-cream sundae

an apple pie

a pumpkin pie

apple sauce

beef jerky

beef stew

beef stew

chicken soup

chocolate biscuits

chocolate ice-cream

chocolate milk

cotton candy (not really made of cotton but it looks like cotton)

custard pie

cream tea

cream soda

cream cheese

fruit cocktail

fruit salad

milk chocolate

milk pudding

mint sauce

mushroom soup

olive oil (Also see Type 1)

cod-liver oil

orange squash

oyster sauce

pea soup

peanut butter

plum pudding

pork loin

pork pie

rice pudding

strawberry ice-cream

strawberry jam

sugar frosting

tomato ketchup

tomato sauce

tomato sauce

tomato soup

vanilla essence

vanilla ice-cream

vegetable stew



 Other Materials

a ‘paper tiger’

a calico bag

a carbon copy

a cardboard cut-out

a cardboard box

a clay court (tennis court)

a clay pipe

a clay pigeon

a coral reef

a dirt track

a dirt road

a feather bed

a feather duster

a felt tip  ('felt' is a material)

a glass ceiling

a glass tabletop

glass fibre (= fibregalss)

a helium balloon

a limestone cave

a linen tablecloth

a mud pie

a paper bag

a paper cup

a paper hat

paper money

a paper lantern

a paper napkin

a paper towel

a paper plane

 a paper profit

a paper plate

linseed oil

castor oil

plastic wrap = cling film

a plastic bag

a plastic bullet

a plastic explosive

plastic sheeting

a plastic spoon

a porcelain bowl

a porcelain vase

a rope ladder

a rubber ball

a rubber band

a rubber boot

a rubber bullet

a rubber dinghy

a rubber mat

a rubber stamp

a satin sheet

a silk screen

a straw mat

a styrofoam lunchbox

acid rain

an ivory tower

bamboo craft products

cotton wool

iron ore

nylon fishing line

nylon fishing line

nylon rope

paper money

plastic sheeting

   glass fibre

wire mesh

wire netting

a wire brush

salt water  (possibly originally, "salty water")


 Energy and Fuel Materials

a coal furnace

a gas cooker (= a gas stove) (Br. = Type 1 same with ‘gas stove’)

a gas heater

a gas turbine

power steering

a microwave oven

a wood stove

cable television ("cable" = the source of the signal)

a cable railway


 Chemical Materials + a Process or Activity

carbon dating

lead poisoning

nicotine poisoning



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