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Speaking a foreign language is a skill, like playing a musical instrument. You don't just learn how to do it you have to practice.




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Welcome to my website. My name is Chris Green ().  I was an IELTS teacher () and an IELTS Speaking and Writing examiner in Beijing. I'm now in Sydney, Australia.

This website used to exist as "" but now it has a new name and a new home here at

Please excuse the amateurish appearance of this website. I am an amateur at website creation! And I am using the cheapest, simplest software to do it.

[This is my real website! See here for my comments about the other copies of this website.]

The purpose of this website is to provide documents and audio files to help students prepare for the IELTS Speaking test. I plan to develop and add to this site over time and you will be able to see a record of the changes that I make by going to this page: Last Change - September 19, 2017

For non-Chinese readers of this page: "yasi" is the way Chinese people say "IELTS". This website was originally written for students in China and you will occasionally see some Chinese writing here. But don't worry, if you are not Chinese you will still be able to use this website!

How Much Work is Required to Get a 7 in Speaking"?

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You can contact me at: or (Using both is the best idea.)




    Deng Lijun (Teresa Teng)   Song information here.

    Chinese Instrumental Music 1  



    Iranian Santur - Modern Interpretation  Youtube video

     Iranian Santur MP3 from the above Youtube video


     Gypsy Music   吉普人音

     Latcho_Drom_A_Train_Stop_in_Hungary on Youtube 

    Latcho_Drom_A_Train_Stop_in_Hungary.flv (as above)

    Latcho Drom - Taraf de Haidouks  on Youtube

    Taraf De Haidouks - Turceasca on Youtube        MP3


    Other Music

    ALL A LIE  Youtube        Downloadable flv

    Freight Train Rollin' Jazz Blues Downloadable MP3

     Elvira - Oak Ridge Boys (1981)    Downloadable flv

     Humour + Music

    Wierd Al Yankovic - Fat            Downloadable flv     







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