Updated April 13, 2017


Essay Grading Service


I can correct and grade your IELTS essays if you send them to me by email.

The cost are: 

AUD $30 for each AC (Academic) Task 1 essay

AUD $25 for each GT (General Training) Task 1 essay (a letter)

AUD $45 for each Task 2 essay, both GT and AC.

Discount - The cost of every 5th essay assessed will be discounted 50%. That is, the first four essays, (regardless of whether AC or GT or whether Task 1 or Task 2) will be assessed at the prices above but the fifth essay will be assessed at half the price. Any 6th to 9th essays will also be assessed at the normal prices but the 10th will be assessed at half the normal price above, etc.

I am NOT prepared to write model answers.

You will need to send the money to me before I do the work. Using PAYPAL (addressed to is the cheapest and simplest way to pay.

If you do not have a PayPal account, you can pay directly into my bank account but that is more expensive than PayPal. If you want to pay by bank transfer, send me an email to ask for my bank account details.


This is what service I will provide:


What Essay Questions to Use?

You must only use questions from current or previous editions of the Cambridge IELTS Practice Tests series. You can download my copies of those questions here, and here

I am not prepared to assess essays written in answer to IELTS essay questions found on IELTS blogs in China and elsewhere.

If you are interested, you should first contact me by email to see if I have time to do your essays.

My email address: