Updated June 30, 2018


Essay Grading Service


I can correct and grade your IELTS essays if you send them to me by email.


The following is the service I provide:


What Essay Questions to Use?

I prefer you to use questions from current or previous editions of the Cambridge IELTS Practice Tests series, but you can use  IELTS from other sources. You can download my copies of the Cambridge questions here, AC BOOKS 5 TO and here GT

The reason why I prefer the Cambridge questions is that the IELTS essay questions found on IELTS blogs in China and elsewhere are sometimes inaccurately worded. Sometimes just one wrong word, or just one missing word can make a big difference to the question! This creates a problem for me in giving an accurate assessment of essays written for those questions.

Certainly, IELTS websites in China omit the following words, "Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience." This wording is always part of the task you are asked to do in the real test, so omitting these words in questions on an IELTS website is not fully representing the real test questions!

Despite what you are led to believe, there is no advantage in preparing essays based on questions on IELTS websites or blogs because, unlike the Speaking test, there is almost zero predictability in the IELTS writing test questions.

If you are interested, you should first contact me by email to see if I have time to do your essays.

My email address:


The cost are: 

AUD $35 for each AC (Academic) Task 1 essay

AUD $25 for each GT (General Training) Task 1 essay (a letter)

AUD $45 for each Task 2 essay, both GT and AC.


20% Discount  Every 5th essay assessed will be assessed for free. That is, the first four essays, (regardless of whether AC or GT or whether Task 1 or Task 2) will be assessed at the prices above but the fifth essay will be free. Any 6th to 9th essays will also be assessed at the normal prices but the 10th will be assessed for free, and so on.

You will need to send the money to me before I send my report to you. Using PayPal (addressed to is the most convenient way for me. If you do not have PayPal, you can also pay me through Wechat (微信). But I use a friend in China to accept payments to me on Wechat because my Wechat wallet is not yet fully activated.

A third payment method is to pay directly into my bank account but that is more expensive than PayPal or Wechat. If you want to pay by bank transfer, send me an email to ask for my bank account details.