Written Dec 11,, 2018


Where are the Answers to the Questions?

The answers to many of the questions are in your brain. The examiners ask you many questions about yourself. I cannot answer those for you.

In general, the aim of this website is not to provide you with answers that you can memorize and repeat in the test. That is not the style of trained teachers of English as a foreign language (EFL). If I did that, it would bring shame on me, even if it brought me a lot of money.

However, if you study the contents of my website, you will be able to find many phrases and short sentences that are useful when making your own sentences in answer to certain types of questions. But you will occasionally find some complete answers on this website, usually written in the notes to a question.

The British Council, which manages the IELTS test in most places, hates highly memorized answers in both the Speaking and Writing tests. For many candidates, the penalty (loss of points) for showing the obvious use of memorized answers in the test makes the use of highly memorized answers not worth doing. An example of an obviously memorized answer is when the examiner hears the exact same answer from two or more different candidates.

It is also quite time-consuming for me to write or record on mp3 complete answers to questions.