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Updated  Oct. 4, 2020


The Political Agenda Behind the Man-Made Global Warming Movement

The public promotion of the man-made global warming theory has obviously been extremely political and ideological, not based on genuine rational science. Scare tactics, exaggerated or blatantly false news reports, and the vilification and marginalization of scientists who question man-made global warming are all indicators of a political propaganda campaign.

Most importantly, the reports that are issued by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (the IPCC) have always included a summary that dishonestly represents the findings of the climate scientists whose work these reports are supposed to objectively represent, and it is the summary that governments and the news media pay attention to. Furthermore, some crucial IPCC reports have been based on fraudulent scientific studies, obviously because no real scientific evidence exists to support the theory of man-made global warming. Everything they say is simply based on computer models of the climate system, models which have been shown to be wrong on every prediction.

All of this indicates the existence of political agendas behind the Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) movement that are about issues other than, “saving the world from catastrophic global warming”. However, it is not easy to clearly identify what these political agendas are.

The AGW movement has always been mostly a British-American movement. Although some scientists had been investigating the phenomenon of greenhouse gases from as far back as 100 years ago or even earlier, the theory of man-made global warming did not achieve any real political traction until the late 1970's.

In trying to find the source of the man-made global warming movement, one line of investigation is to question where the massive financial backing for the movement has come from. A similar line of investigation is to consider how or why political leaders in the West seem to be under the control of "other powers" when they promote the AGW agenda.

From these and from other considerations, a picture starts to emerge of who the forces behind the AGW political agenda really are. It seems that the origin of the AGW movement can be traced back to the financial elites , i.e., the private investment bankers, mostly in 'The City of London' but also on Wall Street in the U.S. The political ideology of these people is expressed in the statements that come out of The Club of Rome, a think tank or discussion group that represents the interests of the establishment or, more specifically, the interests of the elites who control the establishment.

The man-made global warming fraud is clearly all about some of the wealthiest people in the world (i.e., our "rulers") seeking to maintain and increase both their wealth and their political power, which is certainly not a new phenomenon in human history.

Related to the promotion of the AGW agenda, but usually mentioned in understated tones, has been a push to privatize the nuclear power stations in Britain and to greatly expand the nuclear power industry worldwide.

The notes here are just an introduction to what I and many other people feel are the various interconnected strands of the political agenda that is really behind the fraudulent science of man-made global warming. In order to better understand the political agenda, you will need to do your own further research on the topics mentioned below.


The 1960's & Mid-1970's

The 1960's and early 1970's saw the rise of environmental activist groups such as Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth. These groups were concerned about such issues as pollution, the conservation of natural resources, the protection of wildlife, and were very much anti-nuclear power. Many, but not all of the activists in these movements were also quite leftist and anti-establishment with the result that they were also active in other social movements of the time such as the anti-Vietnam War movement, anti-militarism and anti-imperialism in general (the "peace movement"), the struggle to gain equal rights for African-Americans, and feminism.

These movements gained quite a lot of popular support and sympathy in society. As a result of these successes, it is well known that certain powerful people and groups were worried about a possible mass ideological shift of the populations of the West towards the left, i.e., towards various degrees of socialism. This they felt they needed to stop, by any means. To them, it had and still has, the urgency of life or death.

The formation of the Club of Rome in 1968 seems to have been, in large part, an attempt to co-opt the radical social-change movements that emerged during the 1960's, including the environmental movement. In addition to capturing and neutering the political views of leftist activists, the Club of Rome aimed to use people's natural concern for the environment, and environmental activism, as tools to further their own interests, including the eventual transformation of the environmental movement from anti-nuclear power to pro-nuclear power.

And this aim has partially been successful. Today, the traditional issues of environmental activism have more or less been pushed to the background in favour of just one issue – reducing mankind's production of CO2 and imposing worldwide carbon taxes. However, even though the anti-nuclear power stance of the environmental activists has been softened by their antipathy towards the use of coal (because it produces CO2), a strong anti-nuclear sentiment still exists among many environmental activists. No doubt, those remaining genuine environmentalists will be increasingly marginalized, to be replaced by great masses of emotion-laden people who know and care little about genuine environmental issues and who single-mindedly focus only on the imaginary, "carbon pollution".

The members of the Club of Rome in the past have included some of the world's financial and political elites, including some European royalty and aristocracy and several former national leaders. In addition to those members who are extremely wealthy business people (although the wealthiest seem to avoid visible membership of the club), the majority of members are academics, activists, scientists, economists, former or current United Nations office-holders, and former or current government officials from various nations, all of whom hold leadership or influential positions in society.

The purpose of the club seems to have three main strands – i) to provide a platform for discussion and the generation of new ideas; ii) to mentor those up-and-coming leaders and influential people by having them connect with more experienced leaders who can then imbue them with the fine points of the "correct" ideology, i.e., the ideology of "our rulers", the financial elites; and iii) to help members form networks of like-minded elitists.

The literature that comes out of the Club of Rome has a strongly intellectualizing and philosophizing tone, especially about the problems that confront society and the changes that are needed to all of human society in the future in order to tackle these problems. Even people who believe themselves to be "humanists" and who are also some variety of socialist in ideology, are easily deceived by the philosophizing of the Club of Rome. Although some of the club's plans for change give the illusion, on the surface, of being socially desirable or for the good of humanity, it is notable that these changes, if they come about, will further entrench in power, and further enrich, those groups who currently hold power. Not only that, their plans will, if successful, result in a much more authoritarian world than what we have been used to.

The Club of Rome is strongly in favor of global governance and the manipulation of society (social engineering) in order to achieve what they claim to be needed global social changes. If you do an internet search for "global governance", you might be surprised to see how much this term has become an accepted part of our language and society nowadays, especially in relation to the United Nations and in academia. 

The ideology that is behind most of the quotes at Mixing Climate Change with the Problem of Sustainable Development is representative of the ideology of the Club of Rome. In fact, many of the people quoted in that list are members of the Club of Rome or were before they died or relinquished their membership since membership is restricted to 100 individuals at any one time.

One major aim of the Club of Rome is to give the political/financial elites of the Western world a rationale for instituting global depopulation measures, especially in the poor countries of the world but not limited to those countries. Since the 1980's they have been using the fraudulent and simplistic claim that the world is warming because, "too many people are using too much stuff" as one argument in support of this aim. "Too many people are using too much stuff" sounds like something you would say to a bunch of kindergarten kids!

The depopulation ideology (see here) is closely related to, but not exactly the same as the older ideology called, "eugenics". There is a lot of good sense in controlling the world's population but some of the proposed methods for achieving this are disturbing. For example, forms of genocide have been proposed, where "genocide" means the killing of large numbers of certain populations, not necessarily all of these populations, by the spread of viruses.

However, there are better ways to reduce population growth besides mass murder. For example, it has been proven that the two best ways to reduce population growth are to: a) teach girls to read and, b) to encourage or allow industrial development (economic development) in poor countries. Proof of this can be seen by the fact that the most economically advanced parts of the world, such as Europe, North America, Japan & Australasia (Australia + New Zealand) are all experiencing almost zero population growth, or even negative growth, among their non-immigrant populations. But the policies of the Club of Rome lead to roadblocks for those poverty-stricken countries that are trying to develop economically.

More specifically, it seems clear that one aim of the Club of Rome is to use a "low carbon lifestyle" ideology to limit economic development in the developing world, such as in Africa. These poor parts of the world will find it virtually impossible to develop economically if they are not allowed to build coal-burning power stations, as the wealthy nations of the world have done, even though many of these nations have abundant coal deposits.

One reason they state for why the Club of Rome wants to limit the development of these under-developed countries is that, as nations become more developed, they will use more of the world's oil and other natural resources, thereby reducing what will be available for the rich developed world. And of course they also claim that any newly developed nation will greatly add to mankind's emissions of CO2.

But I think their real motive for preventing development in the Third World is this – it is much easier to politically and financially control poor nations, using debt and wars, than wealthy nations. In fact, control of Africa's rich natural resources, primarily mineral resources, and also more recently Africa's land for industrial-scale farming, has long been a key factor contributing to the wealth of the financial elites of the 'developed' world, going all the way back to Cecil Rhodes and earlier. If you have control over a government, you have control over the natural resources under that government's supervision.

Another reason for restricting the development of coal power stations in these countries is the desire of the nuclear power industry to sell their very expensive product, nuclear power stations to these under-developed nations, which obviously means these nations will be borrowing a lot of money and of course, going further into debt. See here.

To repeat: We see that the ideology of the Club of Rome is the ideology of the political and especially the financial elites of Western society. This ideology is more or less a continuation of the ideology of the elites of the 19th and early 20th century, especially in Britain & the USA, which was strongly based on eugenics theory. They look down on the bulk of humanity, even in their own countries, as if we were nothing more than cattle or, "useless eaters" and they believe that their political, and especially their financial power gives them the right to decide, in fact to dictate and socially engineer humanity's future.

Some of them have even stated that their position in society, especially their wealth, gives them not just superior wisdom but is even an indication of "superior intelligence" due to the superior genes that they claim to have inherited. As such, they believe they are the "natural leaders" of humanity. Society really hasn't made as much progress as we'd like to believe from the days of feudalism and the claim of the divine right of kings to rule.

A Key Piece of Evidence Implicating the Club of Rome

Although this outline of the political background to the man-made global warming movement is being written in chronological order, let's look at the 1992 Club of Rome report called, "The First Global Revolution". This book, which was actually first written earlier than 1992, gives some information about the history of the Club of Rome's ideological developments.

Page 75 includes this :

(My red underlining.) Previous to that statement, the authors had been lamenting the difficulty of finding an ideology that they could use to unify the people of the world in order to bring about the great social and political changes to the whole world that they want to achieve.

The words, "came up with the idea" and, "fit the bill" obviously imply that the authors felt that the threat of global warming was more an excuse, or a tool to be used to deceptively manipulate and unify people by the use of fear, rather than a genuine threat itself.

[Further analysis: See here for discussion on the use of the emphatic, "do" and  discussion on the use of the word, "threat".]

The words, "The real enemy then, is mankind itself" represent the new mantra that they were planning to adopt in order to gain, not just political and financial control over the world, but also control over our minds by a kind of semi-religious brainwashing. The new religion is a mystical new-age "earth religion", similar in some ways to the way aboriginal peoples view the cosmos. (See "Gaia", below.)

Of the four items the author listed, (pollution, water shortages, famine, and the threat of global warming) the first three are clearly visible, we know them when we see them; they exist in the physical world. On the other hand, a threat (any threat), exists only in the mind –  it hasn't happened yet and in fact might not happen – and is accompanied by fear. But the Club of Rome decided to choose, "the threat of global warming" as the "common enemy against whom we can all unite". As Maurice Strong said in one of his interviews, "I found that people were turned on about the idea that the earth was in danger." "Turned on"?  And is an "idea" the same as a fact?

The author explains the mistake, i.e., that of "mistaking symptoms (results) for causes". He then continues on about how we humans are the cause of these problems. This is setting the stage for, "the threat of global warming" to be developed into, "the threat of man-made global warming".

Notice that the authors assume that global warming is all (or mainly) human caused – "All these dangers are caused by human intervention in natural processes". No mention of what percentage of global warming is human caused. Is this not lying by the omission of a key fact?

Although pollution, water shortages and famine are genuine threats to large numbers of humanity and are the results of human intervention, these important issues have been pushed to the background and replaced in importance by the imagined (and almost certainly mythical), "threat of man-made global warming".

A copy of this report can be downloaded from or Suspiciously, those copies, which are identical, have many "missing pages" and it seems that all copies that are available on the internet are the same. But the quotation above still exists on Page 75.

I found a different edition of the same book, but with different page numbers, in a public library but, if I recall correctly, the missing material was not so damaging to the Club of Rome that it needed to be hidden. On the other hand, since there was evidence that some parts of one or both editions had been rewritten, it is impossible to know what was originally written in those missing pages. The missing pages from the edition on the internet would be like gold to find!


It seems obvious that it was the Club of Rome's early interest in leveraging people's natural concern for the environment, as a tool for gaining global political control, that eventually grew into the theory of man-made global warming in the late 1970's.

(See Maurice Strong quote here)

The Club of Rome can be considered to be either the source of the man-made global warming political agenda, based on fraudulent science, or at the very least, the avenue through which this fraud was first propagated

The website for the Club of Rome is

Wikipedia -

More data on the Club of Rome is here.


One of the Best Ever Environmental Speeches

Much of what I have written about here was mentioned in this famous speech.

In late November 2009, just after the infamous 'Climategate' data release, the internet political commentator James Corbett made the following speech ---

"A Message to the Environmental Movement"


A 1969 Detailed Agenda for the Future, Linked to the Club of Rome

This sub-topic is not directly related to climate but it might give you more information about the social engineering agenda of the Club of Rome, although that organization is not mentioned by name on the following webpage or in the audio recordings mentioned below. Webpage -

That webpage shows a detailed agenda for the future of Western, esp. American society as outlined in a speech given in 1969 by a Dr. Richard Day and as recalled by a Dr. Lawrence Dunegan (both medical doctors). Some of these predictions for the future were common sense, simply an extrapolation of what had already happened or had started to happen in the 1960's, some of which was based on recent scientific and technical developments such as the development of the contraception pill. Furthermore, it must be remembered that the 1960's was a period of great social change in the USA and Western countries in general. But some predictions, such as a planned promotion of homosexuality, are more revealing.

Although no proof has been found that Dr. Day was a member of the Club of Rome at some time, it is highly probable that he was because he was considered to be a Rockefeller insider. Dr. Day had previously served as Medical Director of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, an organization that was initiated by David Rockefeller, or at the very least was heavily supported by him, financially. It is well known that David Rockefeller was (is) a leading member of the Club of Rome and in fact some people believe that it was Rockefeller who set up the Club of Rome.

There are four Youtube audio recordings of Dr. Dunegan speaking more at length about this speech, titled “Dr Richard Day. New Order of Barbarians”. Parts 1 to 4 can be found at Each part is about an hour long. Part 4 has some especially key information.

The exact Youtube addresses are –

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4


The "Coming Ice Age" Scare Campaign of the 1970's

In the 1970's many apocalyptic reports appeared in the U.S. and British media warning of a devastating coming new ice age. This was obviously in response to the 35 years of continuous global cooling that occurred between 1940 and 1975. (See here on Page 2.)

On this page you can see a list of just some examples of this media scare campaign. Some earlier newspaper articles, from 1969, are shown in the similar list, here. Notably, both lists begin not long after the Club of Rome was formed.

One example is the 1978 TV program called, "In Search Of", narrated by Leonard Nimoy (Dr. Spock of Star Trek fame). Here is the Youtube copy of that program:

See also:

i) The January 31, 1974 Time Magazine article, titled, "Another Ice Age?",9171,944914,00.htm

That is just the beginning of the article. A copy of the complete article can be read at


ii) The April 28, 1975 Newsweek article, titled, "The Cooling World"  A copy of that article is here.

This campaign had so many striking similarities to the current man-made global warming scare campaign of the recent three decades that it cannot have been a co-incidence. For example, some of the same "scientists" and other authority figures were involved in both campaigns, such as the late Prof. Steven Schneider of Stanford University, a former member of the Club of Rome.

Very revealingly, some scientists were even suggesting that man-made pollution was partially to blame for the coming ice age and were advocating a tax on fossil fuels! For example, in the following scientifically inaccurate video from the early 1980's,, they were telling us that the greenhouse effect would help cause the upcoming ice age and that mankind's use of fossil fuels was accelerating this process!

See especially between the 4 and 5 minute points and after the 18 minute point. Notice that at about the 3.50 point in the video they mention the sun's cycles but this is quickly dismissed. In other words, they were dismissing the major premise of all climate science textbooks up to that time, i.e., that the sun drives climate on earth. The whole film is full of speculation and the use of such statements as, "some scientists now believe ...".

Ironically, there are strong indications that we really have now started to enter another period of global cooling, even possibly a 'mini ice age', that will last for something like 30 years. The evidence for this, besides the recent extreme cold that has been experienced in various parts of the world, is the highly predictable cycles of solar activity, which have always been connected to climate change in the past.

It is almost criminal that the United Nations is ignoring this and still promoting man-made global warming when millions of people worldwide will surely starve to death as a result of the crop failures that will occur during this extended cold period.

[Apparently this approximate period of 30 years of cold started in about 2012 or 2015, is predicted to consist of about 15 years of gradual cooling, reaching a minimum average global temperature in about the year 2030, followed by about 15 years of gradual warming to get back to where we are today in about 2045 or 2050.]


A Related Side-Issue

That article begins by referring to the copy of a fake Time magazine cover that is frequently found on the internet. A copy of that cover is here. That photo-shopped alteration of a real Time Magazine cover was most probably an attempt to discredit the anti-Man-Made Global Warming movement. The comments following that article might provide some useful information and links.


Connections with the Nuclear Power Industry

It seems that, for various reasons, the financial elites are very interested in greatly expanding the nuclear power industry and, in the case of Britain, privatizing the nuclear power companies. However, there is one major problem – coal-fired power stations are more economical to run than nuclear power stations. The only way that nuclear power stations can be made economically viable is to make the use of coal more expensive.

A carbon tax would help do that, especially if accompanied by a phasing-out of coal-fired power stations, which is occurring. But probably the strongest disincentive for using or building coal-based power stations would be a binding international agreement limiting CO2 emissions. So far, the AGW proponents have only been partially successful at bringing this into existence.

In Britain - Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher (1979–1990)

It is well-known that Margaret Thatcher was a great promoter in Britain, and worldwide, of the theory of man-made global warming. In fact, it was Margaret Thatcher who more or less got the ball rolling on this topic with her strong government promotion of "scientific" backing for this theory.

She was also a strong proponent of expanding the nuclear power industry. And it is very significant that Margaret Thatcher not only broke the back of the British coal miners' union, she also virtually destroyed the coal industry itself in Britain.

Thatcher Speech to the Royal Society (1988)

Thatcher Speech to United Nations General Assembly (Global Environment), 1989  (Search the page, using the word "nuclear", for her comments about nuclear power.)

Thatcher Speech at 2nd World Climate Conference (1990)

Did Thatcher's policies come from only her brain, which never occurs with political leaders, or were "advisors" and others telling her what policies to adopt?

The Maggie Thatcher - Jimmy Saville sordid connection  –  Was blackmail the source of Jimmy Saville's considerable political influence?

In the USA

In the U.S., the Three Mile Island nuclear power station accident of March 28, 1979 was obviously seen as an enormous threat to the future viability of the nuclear power industry. This was followed shortly afterwards by a report issued by the U.S. government organization called Jason, The Long Term Impact of Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide on Climate, JSR-78-07, April 1979 and "The Charney Report", Report of an Ad Hoc Study Group on Carbon Dioxide and Climate, Woods Hole, Massachusetts, July 23-27, 1979. ("Ad hoc" implies that this study group was put together quickly.)

These reports were, more or less, the first government-commissioned reports in the U.S. concerning man-made global warming, and both state the official position about man-made global warming that has not changed much until today.

It is notable that on Page 28 of the Jason Report, in the Conclusions section, we find the following sentence: "Clearly a significant shift to a nuclear or solar energy economy would postpone carbon-induced climate shifts." Since solar power is technically not feasible on a large scale at the moment, that leaves nuclear power as the only option. The writer forgot to mention wind power but this is also not feasible for large-scale electricity generation.

AlethoNews Articles

The political blog,, has further interesting information on this topic. In the following article, we learn that Al Gore is a strong advocate of the nuclear power industry:, just like his father, who was a U.S. Senator and a strong lobbyist for the nuclear power industry. No doubt the Gore family have considerable investments in this industry since lobbyists are usually given free or cheap shares in the industry they lobby for.

Aletho also wrote an article called "US Climate Change Bill Promotes Nuclear Industry", which can be found on this page:

Yet another Aletho article on this topic is


The Fourth World Wilderness Congress in Denver, Colorado, 1987

There was the unusual appearance of certain international banking elites at the Fourth World Wilderness Congress in Denver, Colorado in 1987. This story is told by George Hunt in the Youtube video called, "The Men Behind the 1992 United Nations Rio Earth Summit". The links to this video is shown below.

In the early part of the video shown below, Hunt says: "When I served as an official host at a key environment meeting in Denver, Colorado in 1987, I was surprised to see David Rockefeller, Edmund de Rothschild, Secretary of State Baker then Sec. of the Treasury, Maurice Strong, Waste Company Chairman and EPA Administrator William Ruckelshaus, U.N. Secretary General in Geneva, McNeal and various World Bank and IMF officials there. What were the rich elite and bankers doing at an environment congress?"

"The Men Behind the 1992 United Nations Rio Earth Summit" (George Hunt)

(This is copied from an old tape video and it is not in good condition at certain places.)

If you listen carefully in the later part of the video, you will hear the assumed "fact" stated that human beings are responsible for a large amount of global warming. This idea was being inserted into the consciousness of people at the wilderness conference as being important if you genuinely love the environment and nature.

Most people at that conference would have been, up to that time, concerned mostly about simply preserving the wilderness – they probably weren't thinking much about man-made global warming, even though the promotion of this theory had begun a decade earlier. This was part of the planned politicization and capturing of the environmental movement. (See also Corbett.) 

You will also notice that Edmund de Rothschild's main concern was the gathering of funds to combat global warming and the formation of an 'environmental bank' to manage these funds. What he did not state is that the plan was for the bank to be privately owned, by the Rothschilds of course.

A better quality George Hunt video related to this topic is, "The New World Bank, Religion, and our Rulers"

One of the issues connected to all this is the fact that the U.S. government has apparently mortgaged vast tracts of U.S. wilderness areas as collateral for the huge debts that the government has incurred with the bankers. (I'm not sure of the details on this.) Wilderness areas are a valuable resource because they contain untapped mineral reserves, including oil and gas, and underground water. Land itself is also increasing in importance because industrial-scale farming is becoming a major new area of investment.


The Plan of the International Bankers and Their Ideological Allies to Unify and Control the World

A major part of the agenda behind the man-made global warming movement is clearly a plan to create a world government of some sort, called "global governance" or, "The New World Order", dominated by and led by the financial elites i.e., by the private investment bankers.

Another major aim of this New World Order agenda is a large degree of privatization of state-owned assets worldwide, which in effect will be the elimination of almost all forms of public ownership of assets and utilities. In recent years we have seen a lot of this privatization taking place in places such as the U.S., Australia, and especially in Europe as European nations "mysteriously" become bankrupt as a result of over-borrowing from private banks.

In other words, we are witnessing the seizure of even more wealth, led by a few hundred of the already wealthiest people in the world. They even plan to eventually privatize all or most of the public school systems worldwide, which will give them great leverage in manipulating the minds and attitudes of children.

Historically, manufactured economic depressions, which have always originated in the banking sector of the economy, have been a time when the investment bankers bought up other people's assets for pennies on the dollar. But this time, their plans are even more ambitious.

Refer to the statements of Maurice Strong and other Club of Rome members concerning the "needed" collapse of the economies of the industrialized world. Financial misery is NOT in the interest of the people of the world, as the Club of Rome claims to be promoting!

These elites have captured control of various United Nations bodies, which they are attempting to use as their main avenue of control. Taxing CO2 production on a worldwide scale, and establishing a new, privately owned international bank to handle these taxes, seems to be one of the major tools they plan to use in order to achieve this goal of global financial and political control.

Although taxing CO2 is ostensibly not for the purpose of paying interest on government loans, (the principal on these loans is rarely ever paid off in full), the eager involvement and support of the private bankers for a carbon tax CLEARLY indicates that this tax is simply another form of wealth transfer from the hard-working people of the world to the private bankers.

The video clip here sums up the bankers' interest in carbon taxes quite nicely: (My copy of that video is HERE.) The video is about the new carbon tax that was instituted in Australia on July 1, 2012. The narrator says that the carbon tax is "an emissions trading scheme driven by global banking cartel speculators." The July 2012 Libor banking scandal in Britain shows that the bankers are indeed operating as a cartel in which fraud is widespread.

More on the Australian carbon tax here  –

In addition to the George Hunt videos above called, "The Men Behind the 1992 United Nations Rio Earth Summit", which include Edmund de Rothschild speaking, the links below are some examples of the great, "altruistic" interest that members of the Rothschild banking family and their companies show towards the environment. The Rothschilds (and related families) are, without doubt, the leaders of the international investment banking fraternity and have been in this position for the past 200 years.

We see that a junior member of the Rothschild clan and one of the heirs to the vast Rothschild banking and investment fortune, David de Rothschild is very active in promoting the cause of man-made climate change. As well as that, he has several investments that are intended to profit from this movement. An internet search will find many articles about his connection to the movement.

For example, he was very much involved with the mass propaganda event, the Live Earth Concert of 2007 and wrote "The Live Earth Global Warming Survival Handbook".

The following short video clip shows him at the time of the 2009 Copenhagen Conference mentioning the difficulty of instituting the "global governance agenda" relating to a worldwide CO2 taxation scheme at Copenhagen:

Below is a four-part video showing David de Rothschild giving a talk at a company called Climate Change Capital.

The Wikipedia page for David de Rothschild – 


One of the areas of interest of this foundation, among several areas, is the environment. Notice how the language is similar to that of the Club of Rome.

The short video, entitled, "Investing in the Weather", is a 2011 interview of Evelyn de Rothschild in which he talks about his 70% investment in a company called "Weather Central".

This is a major media company that disseminates weather information to hundreds, if not thousands of newspapers, television and radio stations worldwide, as well as the internet. We are fast approaching the situation where a very small number of private companies have a monopoly on the information we receive about the weather. This is more than simply suspicious especially considering who owns these private companies. It is an obvious sign that data will almost certainly be manipulated, possibly falsified, and selectively presented to us.

Not only that, the manner in which it is presented to us will probably be crafted to reinforce the perception that we are experiencing unprecedented, alarming climate change. They cannot pretend that we are experiencing unprecedented or ever-increasing global warming right now but they can still hype information to imply that mankind's production of CO2 is causing "climate disruption" (the third incarnation of "global warming" following "climate change"). And no doubt, they will present a "record-breaking" high temperature (even one tenth of a degree higher than previously measured) at some place in the world from time to time to keep the perception of global warming alive.

I seriously doubt they have presented any of the record-breaking cold temperatures that have occurred just in the past few years. See here.

Further Information about Evelyn de Rothschild's website

The following two quotations are found on the page,

"Chairman of E.L. Rothschild LLC, Sir Evelyn de Rothschild, added: “As a family, the Rothschilds have always been dedicated to the utmost quality of our products and services. With respect to our investments, we focus on entering into long-term partnerships with people who share our values. As weather becomes more extreme around the planet, with greater human and financial ramifications, we believe that Weather Central will play a major role in mitigating damage and improving lives. This is important to the Rothschilds, as it is to Weather Central. We are proud of our new partnership with them."


"The world’s leading provider of interactive weather graphics and data services for television, web, and mobile"

More information can be found at:

The following website is probably not directly related to Evelyn de Rothschild's company and website, although Jacob Rothschild is involved with it.

Evelyn de Rothschild said in the interview that his website is, "". So I put that website into my browser today (July 16, 2014) and a few times in the days before that and I was struck by the generally bleak and even fearful nature of most articles on the front page. The bad or dangerous weather, wherever it is in the world, is emphasized and there is very little about good weather.

Strangely, after I inserted "" in my browser, the website that came up was actually That is different to Evelyn de Rothschild's website that Wikipedia directs readers to at, which is That website does exist but does not seem to be quite as dark and pessimistic as So it's a bit confusing.

The company that runs was originally called, "The Weather Channel".  It was bought by a consortium of investors including the Blackstone Group in 2008. Significantly, Jacob Rothschild is a major investor in Blackstone (see here). The company name was changed to "The Weather Company" in 2012.

A quote from “across all its platforms - television, online, desktop and mobile - The Weather Channel has a 76 percent share of the huge U.S. weather audience.

Further information about can be found at

        Their website: Carbon Advice Group Plc


Maurice Strong  (1929 – 2015)

(Wikipedia entry)

Another person to research is Maurice Strong, who was a United Nations official and who laid much of the groundwork for the formation of the United Nations International Panel on Climate Change (the IPCC) in 1988. He was apparently a member of the Club of Rome at some stage and was very active in promoting the club's agenda from the early 1970's, as the 1972 BBC video clip below shows.

At that time, the issue that was being used to "unite people" was mainly the Club of Rome promoted idea of sustainable development – the theory of man-made global warming didn't come to the forefront until around 1978/9.  'Sustainable development' sounds good in theory but, of course, it all comes down to who sets the parameters for what is sustainability, who controls this development, and how it is controlled.

It is important to understand that Maurice Strong represented certain people "behind the curtain" who are much more powerful than Strong himself. For example, the Rockefeller family and the wealthy Desmarais family of Canada were early mentors of Strong. And he has always been active in money-making ventures, including from the oil business.

We have already seen  how Maurice Strong was active at The Fourth World Wilderness Congress in Denver, Colorado, 1987, above. Below are a few more links to information about him

Canadian journalist Daniel Wood spent a week at Strong's ranch, getting to know Maurice Strong and his wife. Based on that visit, he wrote a magazine article in 1990 called, "The Wizard of Baca Grande".

Photocopy of the original article: wizard_baca_grande_1990.pdf  Another copy is here:

Here is my copy of an audio interview of Daniel Wood in which he discusses his visit to Maurice Strong's ranch: Daniel_Wood_on_Maurice_Strong.mp3

(You can pay $10 to download a package of 100 podcasts from Trans Resister Radio that includes that interview of Daniel Wood by going here.)

The website of Maurice Strong and his wife concerning their new-age religion and their attempt to bring all religions together at their ranch is


The New-Age 'Earth Religion' based on the Ancient Greek Goddess, Gaia


From the "hippy" of the 1960's to the pro-nuclear power Gaia girl of the 2000's

Many people have commented on how some of those trying to push the man-made global warming agenda seem to have an almost religious passion about this topic. But it is not so well-known that there actually is a kind of religion that is intimately tied up with this. For many people, this religious aspect has probably been the major force that propelled them into believing the man-made global warming pseudoscience, even if they are not fully aware of it, since this dogma has saturated the media and school lessons in the past two or three decades.

We also have the strange phenomenon of Maurice Strong, a practical and highly ambitious businessman who rubs shoulders with the most powerful people on earth becoming enthusiastic about this quasi-religion, as this article shows, wizard_baca_grande_1990.pdf.

So what is the explanation for the rise of this quasi-religion?

Before considering the explanation, let's first look at some background information.

In 1972 the eminent British scientist and author, James Lovelock, proposed a theory to describe the whole earth, both the living and non-living, as a complex system that is in a state of homeostasis, or self-regulating balance, based on feedback mechanisms. He renamed the Earth itself "Gaia", after the ancient Greek goddess of the Earth who was believed to have brought the earth out of chaos. However, according to Lovelock's theory or hypothesis, there is one thing that is out of balance with this natural system – mankind or, more specifically, mankind's activities.

Lovelock has always tried to claim that his theory is scientific, not religious or based on the supernatural. But not only do some of his own statements about Gaia contradict that assertion, the practical result of the 'Gaia theory' has clearly been the creation of a 'New-Age' quasi-religion.

Furthermore, the obvious question is, why did Lovelock name a supposedly scientific theory after the Greek goddess of the earth? Or, even more significantly, why did a scientist feel the need to rename the Earth itself after this goddess? To me, this was obviously a contrivance, for brainwashing purposes. Can you visualize it – people in the future, even scientists, using the word, "Gaia" where we now use the words, "the earth" and dictionaries eventually stating that "Gaia" is a synonym for "the earth"? Changing the language is one of the most powerful of propaganda or brainwashing tools.


Below are a few websites related to the topic of Gaia:  Wikipedia pushes the man-made global warming propaganda in all of its articles related to this topic. Although Wikipedia is not a bad source of information for some topics, it is always biased on political topics. Notice how this article goes into some detail to explain the 'Gaia hypothesis', as if it were a genuine "scientific hypothesis", avoiding any mention of the religious aspect or the criticisms of this theory until after the reader has been thoroughly immersed in the 'scientific' explanations, and then only mentioning these points in a few words.
This website is written from an evangelical Christian viewpoint. I do not agree with their political ideology at all, nor with their religious views. But the article is a good example of how many Christians feel about this earth religion.

Professor Tim Flannery

Professor Tim Flannery was formerly the Head of the Australian Climate Commission, a federal government body. (The Commission has now been disbanded.) The following video shows him, supposedly a scientist, in a 2011 interview by The Guardian newspaper and website, in which he includes a reference to "Gaia" - Notice his artificially inserted and insincere comment near the end of the video about "equality" in society, a typical Club of Rome trait.


Brilliant Satire on Tim Flannery

And here is a brilliant satire of what Tim Flannery said in that interview, using some of his actual words –


For more information about Gaia, see also the website, and my comments about that website, below.


To summarize what the explanation for the emergence of this quasi-religion is, just go back and read what was written on Page 75 of The First Global Revolution (see above). As I wrote, "Previous to that statement, the authors had been lamenting the difficulty of finding an ideology that they could use to unify the people of the world in order to bring about the great social and political changes to the whole world that they want to achieve."

Religion is one of the best tools for unifying people. As the website, (see above) shows, they are even attempting to unite several religions into one. This is an especially powerful tool in the West with the large decrease in the number of traditional Christian believers in the past 50 years.


James Lovelock Partly Recants

In about January 2012, James Lovelock said in an interview, "I was 'alarmist' about climate change", "We don't know what the climate is doing" and, "I made a mistake". This was quite a turn-about! In previous years, he had made some of the most outrageously alarmist statements about coming global warming that have ever been made.

In the interview, he also acknowledged that the global climate hadn't warmed in the previous 12 years. Phil Jones, the former fraudulent head of the CRU at East Anglia University (see Climategate), has also made the same acknowledgement. (For Dr. Jones, see and also some of his emails that were released by the Climategate whistleblower.)

All climate experts say the recent warming period, which started in 1975, stopped in 1998 (a period of 23 years of warming), which makes it the past 18 years (as at 2016) without further global warming. Eighteen years of non-warming is the whole life of those teenagers who have been brainwashed to have a pessimistic outlook for the future of their world. And 18 years is as far back as today’s 22-year-olds can remember.

In the old Pete Seeger song, "Where Have All the Flowers Gone?" there is the refrain, "When will they ever learn?" In other words, if these young "sheeple" can be so easily brainwashed in an extended period of no global warming that has existed for all their lives, what hope is there for the truth to dawn on the majority of them? Vast numbers of young people today have their life-long ideological viewpoints already firmly set by this fraudulent propaganda, since childhood and the teenage years are the years when these viewpoints are mainly formed.

Of course, we can thank the schools and universities for this brainwashing, along with the mainstream media and various political parties.

Copies of The James Lovelock Interview, January, 2012


Other Useful Webpages on this Political Agenda

The following links have some information about politics and the AGW movement. However, except for the first link here, I don't often see material on the internet that attempts to get to the political roots of the Man-Made Global Warming movement, or that look at the history of this politics, although I'm sure such webpages are out there somewhere.

Obviously the same crowd behind the 'man-made global warming' fraud are also controlling the total covid-19 'event', aimed at achieving the same agenda.

Recall Maurice Strong's statement on the last page of "The Wizard of Baca Grande" - "Isn't is our responsibility to bring about the collapse of the industrialized civilizations?"

2010 Rockefeller Foundation Report - Lockdown.pdf (my copy)   Bill Gates is obviously carrying the baton for the late David Rockefeller. See Bill Gates, below.

From 9/11 Terrorists to 2020 Viruses: Dystopian Progress

The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in partnership with the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation hosted Event 201, a high-level pandemic exercise on October 18, 2019, in New York, NY. The exercise illustrated areas where public/private partnerships will be necessary during the response to a severe pandemic in order to diminish large-scale economic and societal consequences.

The video is also on Youtube (surprisingly) at That's Part 2. I got Part 1 from their website.

        More links to Dr. Judith Curry are:

Dr. Curry appears before the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology – Climate Science Assumptions, Policy Implications, and the Scientific Method  – and,

Judith Curry’s Statement to the Committee on Environment and Public Works of the US Senate:

Judith Curry on The Corbett Report

Judith Curry - Climate Science and the Uncertainty Monster


The author of that website is Bernie Lewin, an Australian environmentalist who does not accept the man-made global warming proposition. He seems to shy away from explicit political statements but concentrates more on this (obvious) corruption of science. However, we can gain some insight into his political leanings by the fact that he wrote in his 'About' page that he used to be, or still is, a member of the Australian "progressive" (Soros funded) political activism group, Get Up!

Dr. Tim Ball is a former climatology professor at the University of Winnipeg, Canada. He has been an outspoken opponent of the man-made global warming theory for decades and you can find several articles, videos and audio recordings of him on the internet. In the interview conducted by James Corbett shown below, he discusses some of the main scientific flaws in the theory of anthropogenic global warming and the political agenda behind it.

Although I have the highest respect for Dr. Ball as a scientist, I find it strange that he cannot distinguish between Marxism and Fascism. Both are totalitarian but they are at opposite ends of the spectrum, and are very much mutually antagonistic. Dr. Ball is correct in identifying the political corruption of science here, but his interpretation of the deeper motives for this political interference is, in my opinion, mistaken.

Interview: 2007/07/04 James Corbett interviews Dr. Tim Ball

Another very informative interview with Dr. Tim Ball is here -

The following is a 2016 interview of Tim Ball -


I like the ideology of this Australian political organization. They are somewhat "old Labor Party" in their beliefs & platforms, but very forward-looking. This is in great contrast to the current Australian Labor Party that has been captured by the AGW ideology.

This revelation is a very significant development but we won't see this news in the mainstream media.

The Editor of Lancet, probably the leading medical science journal in the world, is not just referring to medical science here – if you carefully read his statements, you'll see that he is referring to all scientific research today.

Original Lancet article -  In this video she mentions how she used to be "a Green" but then she "grew up". The video gives us some information about the bankers' interest in man-made global warming.  His video version of this webpage  is  See also Former “alarmist” scientist says Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) based in false science. He has 6 science-based university degrees, so he knows a thing or two about analyzing complex data.

"How the Global Warming Scare Began", Although that video gives us useful information about probably one of the major factors in the development of of AGW movement in the USA, I don't think it gives the complete story of how this scare began. Several different developments were taking place at about the same time, not only in the USA but also in Britain.

You can read here how many of the people holding prominent positions in United Nations bodies, and other powerful groups concerned with sustainable development, protection of the environment in general, and 'climate change' have explicitly stated their belief in this 'earth religion'.

It seems that the major concern of this website is the fact that Gaia worship is an attempt to replace traditional religion, especially Christianity, and the belief in a supreme being, God. However, the website does not dwell very much on this point – this concern is more implied than explicitly stated.

There are three other groups that are similar to the Club of Rome in their ideology and membership. In fact some of the same people belong to these other groups. These are the Bilderberg group, Le Cercle, which is focused on security, and the 1001 Club. It is notable that all four groups have tried to keep a low profile over the years and could even be described as secretive.

The 1001 Club is especially significant concerning the AGW movement because it seems to have been formed so that control of the environmental group, the Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF) is kept in the hands of the same billionaire and aristocratic class of people as the Club of Rome.

The following article, "The 1001 Club: Bankers and raw materials executives striving for a sustainable future" goes into some detail on the 1001 Club, while the Wikipedia article gives a more sanitized description of it.

It is well known that Bill Gates, through his Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is an avid supporter of the Man-Made Global Warming movement, although he surely knows that the evidence for AGW does not stand up to scientific scrutiny.

What is not so well-known is that his father served on the board of the Parenthood Federation of America. That organization was started by the racist eugenicist, Margaret Sanger and was (is?) financially supported by the Rockefeller Foundation.

The Wikipedia article on Bill Gates has the following statement, "Gates has credited the generosity and extensive philanthropy of David Rockefeller as a major influence. Gates and his father met with Rockefeller several times, and their charity work is partly modeled on the Rockefeller family's philanthropic focus, whereby they are interested in tackling the global problems that are ignored by governments and other organizations".

The more you know about David Rockefeller and about the Rockefeller Foundation, the more you will appreciate the significance of them. They, along with some allied groups in Britain, are the origin of much of the social engineering that has taken place over the years and is very prevalent today.

Have a look at this parody, "David Rockefeller Passes the Eugenics Torch to Bill Gates" -

And then read this not-so-humorous article, Bill Gates talks about 'vaccines to reduce population'

Nevertheless, I have just noticed (as at Oct 2019) that Wikipedia does have at least two web pages that are worth looking at if you really do want to research the topic of the politics behind the man-made global warming movement in depth and if you are still seeking to understand what the truth is. The following two web pages have many links for further research  –  You will notice how the diagram on the right hand side of that page tries to represent the various complex "strands" or aspects of the politics behind global warming.


What Other Forms of Brainwashing is the Club of Rome Promoting?

(It is just my personal opinion but ....) I believe these people, or people ideologically allied to the Club of Rome, are behind several different propaganda and brainwashing campaigns since they want to change society in several different ways. The true nature of some of these campaigns is quite well-known now, such as the fraudulent "war on terror", which should be more accurately described as, "The war of terror". You might also want to research the term, "crisis actor".

I also believe the following two campaigns form part of their 'global governance' plan, although it is sometimes not clear exactly what the motives behind these campaigns are.


1) The promotion of the fraudulent "depression industry", in cahoots with the pharmaceutical industry and the corrupted psychiatric profession

This important topic is touching the lives of more and more people today. For example, more and more people personally knew someone who committed suicide.

Read more on this topic here.


2) The massive increase in the number of fear and terror-inducing children's movies produced by Hollywood since about the year 2001

Some of these films are created to make viewers momentarily jump in reaction to something scary but otherwise mostly contain benign elements such as humor. Other films are more focused on a continuous fear or horror theme. It's rare to see any kids' movies or movies for teenagers coming out of Hollywood nowadays that are completely free of this mental pollution unless the film is used to promote a fantasy in little boys for being a member of the military such as a fighter pilot, for example Planes.

Just look at the Harry Potter books and films, how they evolved from harmless magic to fear, terror, violence and authoritarianism. The last few Harry Potter films were actually classified in many parts of the world as not suitable for children under 12. Look also at how the Toy Story 3 film reduced little kids to fearful tears.

Parents don't want to take their 7-year-old kids to see a kids' film called "Toy Story" and then have the kids cry in the movie theatre! Psychologists know that if you expose children to frequent fear, they will grow up to be more easily influenced by fear-campaigns and more easily controlled. More about Toy Story 3 here.

Here's another example. Lewis Carroll's "Alice in Wonderland" is described by Wikipedia as "fantasy" and Amazon Books uses words such as, "strange" and "make-believe" to describe it. Sure, there were a couple of characters in the story who are a bit scary but the original story has never been described as a kind of horror story. Now watch this short Youtube trailer of the recent Hollywood movie, "Alice in Wonderland" – There is an obvious agenda here!

People under the age of 35 today would have trouble seeing how Hollywood films have changed. They naively believe that it is just the way Hollywood is, or it is just the fashion in movies today that has evolved in some natural way. But Hollywood has always reflected the ideological aims of "the powers that be", especially after the work of the so-called 'public relations expert' (read as, propagandist or mind-control expert), Edward Bernays gained prominence in the U.S. following the publication of his book, Propaganda in 1928.



Looking at the three topics I covered on this page, Man-Made Global Warming, the "Depression Industry" and The Nature of Children's Films produced by Hollywood today, we see one common denominator – FEAR

[Almost all of the psychosis, the schizophrenia mentioned under the topic of "The Depression Industry" is Paranoid Schizophrenia, where the fear mechanism of the brain runs haywire.]

Former U.S. President (1933-1945) Roosevelt said: "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself".

Here, "The only thing we have to fear" can mean two different things: a) "have to fear" = "must fear" or, b) "The only thing we have to fear" = "The only that that exists that we need fear" Both interpretations come to the same conclusion but I think he meant b), the second meaning. He made this famous statement at his inauguration in 1933, at the the height of the Great Depression.

In other words, he was telling the populace, many of whom had no job and who could only see a bleak future that they need not fear such things as not being able to pay their bills, losing their job, going broke, and losing their home. Why not? I think it was because fear is related to a person's belief of what will or might happen in the future; it hasn't happened yet. FDR was basically telling the people that the future can and will be different to what they think it will be. It's bit like the old saying, "It's all in the mind". Fear can cripple a person, or a whole population.  FDR was saying that having a pessimistic view of the future, fear, was the real enemy.

Logically, if fear is the enemy, then those who peddle and promote fear are part of the problem, not part of the solution.

There's something about people trying to influence and manipulate the minds of other people, for their own selfish motives that I do not like. If you feel the same, spread the word.

A cartoon for those readers who think this is all just ridiculous "conspiracy theory". There is a point when some conspiracy theories become "conspiracy reality".