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  1. Mixing Climate Change with the Problem of Sustainable Development Some Quotes

  2. Peer-Reviewed Study Rocks Climate Debate

  3. The History of Climate Gets 'Erased' Online

  4. The New Zealand Climate Science Coalition Challenges the Fraud in Court - and is Successful!

  5. Swedish expert says CO2 is not the main cause of global warming

  6. A layman's guide to global warming

  7. New Chinese study in GRL disputes the hockey stick conclusions

  8. A Dictatorial "Carbon = Currency" Scam, Planned for All of Us!

  9. More Global Warming Scandals Implicate IPCC Climate Scientists

  10. Politicians Making Big Money From "Climate Change"

  11. A Shocking Video!

  12. Growing Consensus of an Upcoming Period of Global Cooling

  13. Former “alarmist” scientist says Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) based on false science

  14. The Truth about Greenhouse Gases

  15. Climategate 2.0 - More Emails Released from the CRU! (Nov. 22, 2011)

  16. British Prime Minister's Green Guru Reveals his Doubts over Global Warming

  17. Major German Media Now Writing About "CO2 Lies"

  18. German Environmentalist - "We have been misguided by the IPCC"

  19. U.S. University Fighting in Court to Avoid Releasing Michael Mann's Emails

  20. Some Examples of Carbon Trading Fraud

  21. Temperature Data Manipulation in Australia

  22. Not Quite Global Warming Around the World, 2011 - 2013

  23. The Political Agenda Behind the Man-Made Global Warming Movement

  24. Database of People Related to Climate Science

  25. Other Good Websites on the Topic of Man-Made Global Warming Fraud


20. Mixing Climate Change with the Problem of Sustainable Development Some Quotes

For many years, there have been people crying out that the current usage of the world's resources, the pollution that we create and the growth of the world's population is not sustainable. There is obviously a lot of truth to this and we need to take some measures to make human usage of the planet more sustainable.

However, it seems that many of the same people who are so concerned about the sustainability of the earth have "jumped onto the bandwagon" of the theory of man-made global warming and become strong advocates of this theory not so much because they are convinced of the science of AGW itself but because it suits their agenda of drastically changing the dynamics of human society. Some of the quotes below show that some of these people are aware that the theory of AGW has little or no scientific credibility but they still actively promote this theory because they think it will help lead to the sustainable usage of the world's scarce resources. This is another example of the usage of fraudulent science for political reasons.

Many of the people quoted below want to see that the poor people of the world do not industrialize because that would mean that these people would then use more of the world's resources. And they want to see the world's population decreased. The irony of this is that it is the poor people who breed most prolifically while those societies that are most developed (and that use the most resources), such as the U.S.A., Europe and Japan, are experiencing zero or even negative population growth among their non-immigrant population. Therefore, one way to stabilize the world's population is to eliminate poverty, as quickly as possible. And the most direct way to eliminate poverty is to encourage industrialization, which means allowing poor countries to generate electricity in coal-fired power stations, just as the nations of the "First World" do on a large scale.

Population control, changes in resource usage and the reduction of pollution are problems that should be handled as separate issues, without resorting to the unproven theory that mankind's emissions of carbon dioxide, a compound that is vital to plant life, will lead to catastrophic climate change. This harnessing of an unproven scientific theory (AGW) in order to pursue an agenda that harms the poorest and weakest of humanity while further enriching a small elite of the most powerful people in the world is a case of "two wrongs not making a right"!

-----------------       --------------     ------------------    --------------    -------------    --------------    -----------------


21. Peer-Reviewed Study Rocks Climate Debate (2009)

Three Australasian researchers have shown that natural forces are the dominant influence on climate, in a study just published in the highly-regarded Journal of Geophysical Research.


22. History of Climate Gets 'Erased' Online:  (Great article although, overall, I would not recommend this website as a source of balanced information on other topics.)

Another excellent, short article on that website is this: Sizzling study concludes: Global warming 'hot air' This article is one of several places on the internet where you can read that mankind produces about 2.75% of atmospheric CO2. Considering the great variability in the amount of CO2 that occurs naturally over time, the figure of 2.75% is insignificant. The main point of this article is that average temperatures have increased over the past few hundred years because the world has been coming out of the "Little Ice Age" and, as a result of the rising temperatures, atmospheric CO2 levels have increased.


23. The New Zealand Climate Science Coalition Challenges the Fraud in Court - and is Successful! This site includes many links to other articles on this topic. A related website and organization is

The members of this group are serious about challenging what they believe is serious scientific fraud concerning the manipulation of temperature records. Here is an article about a court challenge mounted by the NZ Climate Science Coalition:      

The scientists in this coalition have proof that certain other scientists, those who supplied data to the CRU, had dishonestly manipulated the temperature data from New Zealand to show higher temperatures than existed in reality. A similar situation has also been discovered in Australia.

The following page shows how the NZ Climate Science Coalition won this court case! (October, 2010)


24. "Swedish expert says CO2 is not the main cause of global warming" 

This article is rather long and detailed but worth reading if you are interested in details.

Note that the recording on that web page is a robot reading the article, not a real human being. This robot is far from being a 100% perfect imitation of a human being reading the article. See here for my comments on the errors made by this robot.


25. "A layman's guide to global warming" (written in 2008).

(This is a long article.)

Even as a layman's guide, some of the graphs, diagrams and explanations require some basic scientific understanding. 


26. New Chinese study in GRL disputes the hockey stick conclusions (GRL = Geophysical Research Letters)

(This article is a little hard to read for non-scientists.)

This is another rather detailed article, which basically verifies what Chen I-Wan said about the historical records in China showing that climate has been variable over the past few thousand years. 


27. A Dictatorial "Carbon = Currency" Scam, Planned for All of Us!

Would you like being subjected to this scheme? Does it seem right to you? Consider this key sentence: If they aren’t frugal and produce a lot of carbon and consume unhealthy foods, then every year they will have to buy extra units.” Basically, it's an extra tax on the people. I have read elsewhere that the plan is to gradually reduce the carbon credits that each person is allowed per year, which is the same strategy currently in use for taxing companies that emit carbon dioxide.


28. More Global Warming Scandals Implicate IPCC Climate Scientists (click to read article)

In January 2010, following the Climategate scandal, several serious "errors" were shown to exist in recent IPCC reports. One of the most serious of these was the revelation that the story about the imminent melting of the Himalayan glaciers was based on a "mistake". The prediction that the Himalayan glaciers would basically disappear in a few decades was truly scary, considering the hundreds of millions of people who are supplied with drinking water and water for farming from the rivers that have their sources in these glaciers. (I.e., a large percentage of the populations of China, India, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam etc.)

The article here (one of many written on this revelation) was written by F. William Engdahl. I recommend his website, and, if you are interested in reading an "alternative media" political blog written by a highly erudite political analyst. Try this article on his website: and this article about Wikleaks (another massive fraud): Another excellent Engdahl article is this: "NATO's War on Libya is Directed against China: AFRICOM and the Threat to China's National Energy Security" -


29. Politicians Making Big Money From "Climate Change"

These links are just a sample of the hundreds of similar articles on the internet about politicians, especially Al Gore, benefiting financially from the climate change agenda they are promoting.

Form your own conclusions from this article. You need to be aware that people get very well-paid to act as advisors of companies and to sit on the board of companies. They also get lots of free or cheap shares in these companies. The head of the IPCC should be objective about this science, not self-interested.

          Obama’s involvement in Chicago Climate Exchange—the rest of the story


30. A Shocking Video!

This video illustrates the mentality of the "man-made global warming" crowd. It shows how the group called "10:10" was planning to demonize people who don't believe in man-made global warming, how they were hoping to capitalize on the human "herd instinct" so that people will be afraid to speak out against what they believe might be pseudoscience. This is political to the extreme – the message is, "Don't think for yourself but just go along with the crowd". Be warned, this video is so shocking that it was withdrawn from cinemas and the 10:10 website only hours after it was first released. In fact, this video is so extreme that it is almost satire, poking fun at the 10:10 organization itself ! The second video here (from features an interview with Piers Corbyn, discussing the10:10 video. 

If Youtube is unavailable, I have a copy of the video here:

(The swf video might be a bit slow downloading or playing. Be patient. You might need to click the "Refresh" button a few times. Also, right click on the video, --> "settings" --> move the bar to the far right . Better yet, I suggest you download a copy of it to your computer. It might take a while to download but after it's downloaded you will be able to watch it without the irritating stops and starts. It's a very unique video!)

Discussion of the 10:10 video, with Piers Corbyn: (For some reason, that clip is an abbreviated version of the original RT interview. Here is my copy of the original video: Piers_Corbyn_RT_Oct_2010.swf). Corbyn comments that the 10:10 group, as representatives of the man-made global warming movement, are "dangerous and must be stopped". By this he means that the video is trying to brainwash people into accepting an authoritarian, Orwellian world in which mere thoughts or beliefs, or simply questioning, can be considered to be crimes, even crimes that are worthy of instant death. Furthermore, the cheapening of human life by making fun of blowing people up creates a dangerous mindset in the general population. In other words, this video constitutes a form of fascist propaganda. Politically naive people will simply consider the video as "a joke" (while at the same time, being brainwashed) but more politically sophisticated people will see the dangerous mindset that in behind the promoters of this video.


31. Growing Consensus of an Upcoming Period of Global Cooling

There are many places on the internet where you can read about this. Here is one article:

This is a serious threat to global food security but nobody is talking about it. Unlike moderate global warming, which would actually increase the crop yields in the world, global cooling could lead to the death of millions of people because less food will be produced in a colder climate.

Below are two more articles on this topic: 

"Ice Age: back to 18th century?"

"Read the Sunspots" (2007) by Canadian climate scientist Tim Patterson


See also these websites  This website focuses mainly on the evidence that we are entering a mini Ice Age.

John Casey Predicts 2016 Mini Ice Age Begins & NASA Hides TSI Data

Apr 13, 2016

US Land Weather Stations Show Mini Ice Age has Begun
Apr 12, 2016


32. Former “alarmist” scientist says Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) based on false science  by Dr. David Evans

The article in the link above, and those other articles below, are important for understanding this topic. 

This article is about an Australian scientist who used to actively work for a government body that promotes the idea of man-made global warming. Now he has completely changed his mind about the truth of this "science". As well as explaining why he changed his mind about the science, he very clearly explains some (but not all) of the political nature of this fraud.

Similar to above: Dr David Evans’ address to the Anti-Carbon-Tax rally, Perth Australia, 23 March 2011 (pdf download)

Article written by Dr. Evans: "Carbon warming too minor to be worth worrying about"

Also by Dave Evans: "Is The Western Climate Establishment Corrupt?"

Dave Evans has two videos that present a convincing case that the climate models are wrong. It is important to understand that all of the man-made global warming theory and predictions are based on these computer models.

These videos are Dr David Evans: Global Warming is Manmade? (1 of 2),


Dr David Evans: Global Warming is Manmade? (2 of 2)


33. The Truth about Greenhouse Gases

This is quite a long article, written by William Happer, the Cyrus Fogg Brackett Professor of Physics at Princeton University. Basically, this is similar to the explanations given by Dr. David Evans, above.

Despite the title of the article, he writes only about CO2, not about all greenhouse gases. The value of this article is that he directly confronts, in a very logical way, the fear that we have of increasing the level of CO2 in the atmosphere by mankind's activities. He also summarizes many of the facts concerning CO2 and its relationship to climate. The following is one paragraph (but not the concluding paragraph) from the article:

"Let me summarize how the key issues appear to me, a working scientist with a better background than most in the physics of climate. CO2 really is a greenhouse gas and other things being equal, adding the gas to the atmosphere by burning coal, oil, and natural gas will modestly increase the surface temperature of the earth. Other things being equal, doubling the CO2 concentration, from our current 390 ppm to 780 ppm will directly cause about 1 degree Celsius in warming. At the current rate of CO2 increase in the atmosphere—about 2 ppm per year—it would take about 195 years to achieve this doubling. The combination of a slightly warmer earth and more CO2 will greatly increase the production of food, wood, fiber, and other products by green plants, so the increase will be good for the planet, and will easily outweigh any negative effects. Supposed calamities like the accelerated rise of sea level, ocean acidification, more extreme climate, tropical diseases near the poles, and so on are greatly exaggerated."

Note that he says, "directly cause". Even the AGW scientists agree with that. The part of "man-made global warming" that the AGW scientists claim will be catastrophic is the rise in temperature that they claim will occur as a result of positive feedback affects. This is the crux of the AGW theory. The problem is that this "positive feedback" theory is full of weaknesses and is based on faulty computerized climate models. Never before, in the history of the earth, or in nature generally, has such as runaway positive feedback phenomenon been known to occur.

Although I agree with this article, I do not agree with much of the content of the whole website,, which is basically a website about religious issues.

A partial copy of the article can also be found here:


34. Climategate 2.0 - More Emails Released from the CRU!

On November 22, 2011, just before the U.N. climate conference in Durban South Africa, several thousand more emails were released from the Climate Research Unit of the University of East Anglia. These emails cover the same time period as the first release of emails just before the Copenhagen climate conference in 2009. And apparently the same person has released this new batch.

So far (as at Dec. 1, 2011), no major new revelations have come from these emails but they certainly reinforce the very strong impressions of scientific fraud and unethical behaviour that the first batch created.

The following article from Russia Today covers this story and gives a few examples of the damning emails.

If you are interested in reading more about these emails, here are a few links (although the analysis is still ongoing at Dec. 1, 2011):; and,


A Spreadsheet of Climategate 1 and 2 Emails in Chronological Order

This is an excellent tool to follow conversations through. These emails are from March 6, 1996 to November 13, 2009. I am not sure if those Climategate 1 files labeled ".doc" are included in this spreadsheet because everything here is ".txt".

Here are the links:

ordered emails – xls (Office 2000, 2003) 

ordered emails – xlsx (Office 2007 and later)

Note you can also load these into Open Office and LibreOffice which are both free.


Searchable Database

The searchable database is here:

This database contains both the "Climategate 1" and "Climategate 2" emails.

If you get the file name of the email from the spreadsheet, you can use that as your search item. But the search engine won't find it if you add ".txt" to the number – just use the number that is used for the filename, without adding ".txt". You can also use the subject of the email, from column E of the spreadsheet as your search term.

Here's one example to try. From the spreadsheet, email 2783:                

File Name Date From To Subject cc
0254.txt 11/1/2004 10:46 Phil Jones pjones Ben Santer santer1 Re: pdf files from the Seattle meeting na

Put the subject from column E, "Re: pdf files from the Seattle meeting" into the search engine and email 0254 comes up. In that email we see where Dr. Jones writes about Michael Mann's 'hockey stick' graph:

"Mike did pad his data a little at the ends and beginning to get common periods, but only by a maximum of 10 years. This would make little difference. You can just average the lot and get pretty much the same result."

How very scientifically rigorous (and honest), to "pad the data"! Don't forget, these guys were often creating graphs showing rises and falls of temperature in tenths of a degree. A little "padding" can make a big difference.


35. British Prime Minister's Green Guru Reveals his Doubts over Global Warming

(November 27, 2011)


36. Major German Media Now Writing About "CO2 Lies"  (Feb. 6, 2012)


“IPCC Ignored An Entire Field Of Science”, Die Welt Reports. Slams “Intergovernmental Panel On CO2″!


37. Former hero of the German environmental movement: "We have been misguided by the IPCC about the natural fluctuations in the climate in the past thousands of years"  (May 2, 2012)

Tom Nelson's blogspot article is just one paragraph taken from the original article, "The sun is giving us time to come up with smarter solutions for the Energiewende", which can be found here:


38. U.S. University Fighting in Court to Avoid Releasing Michael Mann's Emails

The American group, American Tradition Institute is fighting a legal battle in court against the University of Virginia in order to force the university to release the archives of Michael Mann's emails. [Michael Mann was the scientist who produced the famous and, at one time, highly influential "hockey stick" graph.] Under the Freedom of Information Act, the university should release these emails but, by their own admission, they are under great pressure from certain interest groups not to release them. They have released some of the emails, but not all of them and the fight is about releasing the remaining ones. Obviously, they have something to hide, especially since the university freely released to Greenpeace all the emails of another climate scientist, Dr. Michaels, who opposes the "man-made global warming" theory.

The following 16-minute video is the easiest way to learn about this case:

To read about it in greater detail, go to this page:


39. Some Examples of Carbon Trading Fraud

The following are just two random examples of fraudulent trading in carbon credits. If you care to search the internet, you'll find many more examples. This fraudulent trading of carbon credits is rampant and there are different varieties of this fraud.


40. Temperature Data Manipulation in Australia

This excellent essay, written by an insider, a "whistleblower" who was involved with this work quite clearly adds yet more evidence to the claim of temperature data manipulation in Australia. Others have also reported on this unscientific and fraudulent manipulation.


41. Not Quite Global Warming Around the World, 2011 - 2013

(The pattern of events as outlined below has continued through 2014 and 2015 but I have not yet gotten around to updating this list.)



Photo of global warming in Poland, May 3, 2011


See,duzo-sniegu-bedzie-jeszcze-wiecej,101022.html for the story (in Polish) and many more pictures.

(That page does not seem to exist now. But the following two links show photos and a video -,tak-sie-zdaje-egzamin-na-prawo-jazdy-w-gdyni,82642.html and,zima-w-kowarach,100712.html)

Below is a Google translation (an imperfect translation) of parts of the story.


"Lots of snow? It will be even more"

The weather spoiled the plans and disbelief you look out the window? Then get ready for tomorrow morning, because the synoptics predict that within the next hour and night preparing a "winter massacre" this spring.  

At night the snow and rain showers will occur within a belt from the center of Upper Silesia, Mazowsze and Podlasie after Suwalki. Estimated height snow from 1 to 5 cm, locally up to 10 cm, and in mountains up to 20 cm.

Partly related to the influx of cold arctic air masses over Scandinavia and the Arctic Ocean.

At night, there will be the country's strong decline in temperature - in Pomerania and Kujawy to -5 degrees, Wielkopolska and Lower Silesia to -4 degrees when the ground temperature is cooler."



Photo of global warming in north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, May 6, 2011

(According to the Chinese calendar, summer started on May 6, 2011.)

My screenshot of that webpage.


Photo of global warming in Wyoming, U.S.A. May 11, 2011


June 8, 2011 - Summer Snow in Hawaii

Yes, it's on a mountain top but it is still rare for this mountain top to have snow in June.


Global Warming in Brazil, July 2011 (Winter in the southern hemisphere)

"The southern parts of Brazil, a tropical country, have been stricken by cold snaps since Monday, driving down temperatures to record-low levels and bringing snow in some areas, a local weather service has reported."


Global Warming in Perth, Western Australia, July 11 2011 (Winter in the southern hemisphere)

The state of Western Australia is experiencing record cold spells that they haven't seen for many years, such as 13 years in Perth and the lowest daytime temperature in 45 years in Gascoyne Junction.

Although the temperatures quoted in this article are not very low compared to winter temperatures in other parts of the world, these temperatures are significant because Perth is known for its 'Mediterranean' climate i.e., relatively mild winters. Not only that, some of the other places mentioned in this article are in the northern part of Western Australia, in the sub-tropical or tropical climate zone where they grow bananas and pineapples. These places are: Gascoyne Junction, Jurien Bay, Carnarvon and Geraldton.


Summer Snow in Wales, the United Kingdom (June 10, 2011)


Global Warming in Northern Australia, June 2011 (Winter in the southern hemisphere)

"The weather bureau has confirmed the Northern Territory has experienced its lowest average minimum temperature for June since records began in 1950."


Global Warming in Washington State, U.S.A., spring, 2011

"The spring of 2011 was the chilliest on record for the state."


Global Warming in Tasmania, Australia, July 2011 (Winter in the southern hemisphere)

"The extreme conditions reached their peak on the 23rd, when Liaweenee in the Central Highlands recorded minus 11.2 degrees overnight, the second coldest July temperature on record."


Global Warming in New Zealand, July 2011 (Winter in the southern hemisphere)

"On July 26, the minimum air temperature recorded in Timaru was -7.8 degrees Celsius. It was also the fourth-lowest minimum temperature for any month since 1906, according to the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (Niwa)."


Global Warming in Ireland, June and July 2011

"Experts at Met Eireann, the Irish state weather service, have confirmed the country has just experienced the coldest July in 50 years -- this after a similar finding for June."


Coldest December since records began as temperatures plummet to minus 10 °C bringing travel chaos across Britain  (18th December 2010)

This article is not from the 2011 Summer in the Northern Hemisphere but from Winter 2010-2011.


New York city has the earliest snowfall since records began, October 30, 2011.


Darwin, Northern Australia, June 30 2011 – Record Cold


Ireland, Dec 24, 2010 – Coldest Winter in 130 Years


Record Cold In Greenland – Dec. 25, 2011



Low temperature record broken in Canada, January 30, 2012

This is about an island on the north coast of British Columbia, Canada called Haida Gwaii.


Europe froze as the continent experienced some of its coldest temperatures in decades on Wednesday. (February 1, 2012)


Record cold in Kuusamo area (Finland), February 2, 2012


Bulgaria Reports New Record Low as Cold Spell Peaks (February 1, 2012)


Snow falls in Rome for the first time in 26 YEARS as -36c temperatures across eastern Europe send death toll to 150 (Feb 4, 2012)


Britain colder than Arctic and Antarctic with just two weeks until summer  (May 17, 2012)


Snow in Mid-May (England, May 15, 2012)


Coolest June Day in 84 Years (Sweden, June 3, 2012)


Coldest May in 50 years (Canberra, Australia, May 29, 2012)


Record cold wave breaks 13 low temperature records (Alaska, U.S.A., July 14, 2012)

This article refers to record low temperatures for the mid-summer date of July 12. The temperatures quoted here are in degree Fahrenheit. 38° F = 3.3° C and 36° F = 2.2° C.


Rare snow in Johannesburg  (South Africa, August 7, 2012)


Adelaide's damp, chilly end to wettest and coldest winter in decades  (Australia, August 30, 2012)


Coldest August evening in 40 years and second coldest on record 

and, "Bradford in West Yorkshire had its coldest August night since records began in 1908 at 2.8C." (Britain, August 31, 2012)


Coldest December Ever in Russia (Russia, December 25, 2012)


42. The Political Agenda Behind the Man-Made Global Warming Movement

Go here to read this topic:


43. Database of People Related to Climate Science


44. Other Good Websites on the Topic of Man-Made Global Warming Fraud

Further internet links can be found on the websites shown below. especially this index page,  An Australian website opposed to the introduction of a "carbon tax" in Australia.  Another website opposed to a carbon tax in Australia  A website jointly written by Dr. Davis Evans and Joanne Nova  A German website, in English. "Global Warming - An Official Pseudoscience"  The website of Dr. Tim Ball  The website of Dr. Roy Spencer, the website of Christopher Essex, mathematics professor and climate modeling expert  Science and Environmental Policy Project, a website of Professor Fred Singer  the Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change (NIPCC), another website of Professor Fred Singer This site includes many links to other articles on this topic. A related website and organization is  The website of Christopher Essex, mathematics professor and climate modeling expert  This is a very well-written and well-researched website written by Canadian journalist Donna Laframboise. In the spirit of investigative journalism, most articles are more political and activist in nature rather than purely scientific.  This website focuses mainly on the evidence that we are entering a mini Ice Age.


Below are a few of (what I call) the many "bad" websites that try to convince readers that significant "man-made global warming" is a verified scientific fact.

(Note that there are very many websites that fit this description, reflecting the fact that a lot of money has been invested in this. Refer back to the words written at the top of Page 1, "large-scale, organized public brainwashing!")


Some Major Organizations that People Trust which Promote the "Man-made Global Warming" Idea

In the list below, you can also include all the major mainstream news media websites. These websites are examples of what I call, "the voice of authority".

(Remember, people trusted these and similar organizations concerning the assertion that Saddam Hussein's Iraq had weapons of mass destruction in 2003, including nuclear weapons, despite what the weapons inspectors said.)


Extra Notes


"Flaring" is the burning-off of the petroleum gas that is often released from the earth when oil is extracted through drill holes. Sometimes it is profitable to spend the money to capture this gas and sell it. But at other times it is not economical, so it is simply burned. We have all seen pictures of these giant flames on oil fields, some of them fifty metres or more in height, burning continuously, 24/7, for years. This has been going on ever since commercial oil production started, about a hundred years ago. There can be no doubt that massive amounts of CO2 are released by this. (Coal mining would also release a lot of methane.) Imagine how many new, relatively clean-burning cars are required to equal the CO2 output of just one, continuously burning flame that is 50m high! Almost certainly a large percentage of the human-produced CO2 and methane comes from these sources.

However, the key point to consider is: Will this lead to catastrophic global warming? It seems that no scientists have provided any evidence that this will be the case or even that this has a high probability of being the case, especially given the enormous power of the sun to determine the climate. In fact, such elevated levels of COand methane might not have any significant (i.e., measurable) effects on the climate at all! We do not know what the effects will be, good or bad, if we continue to add significant amounts of CO and methane to the atmosphere. Certainly, there is evidence that the environment can tolerate much higher than current levels of CO2 and that plant life would actually prosper from this. (Remember, CO only comprises approximately 0.04% of the atmosphere and, compared to water vapor, is a "mild" greenhouse gas.)

Nevertheless, it is logical and prudent not to continue adding large amounts of CO and methane to the atmosphere forever, simply because we don't know what such an imbalance to the environment will produce. Some experts, such as Chen I-Wan's group, are studying the question of whether the increase in CO2 will significantly decrease the O2 level in the atmosphere, since CO2 uses up some of the atmospheric O2 when it is produced. But this does not mean we need to panic about this or become pessimistic about the future of the environment!


"Fossil" Fuels

For decades, oil and coal have been described in geology text books as "fossil fuels", meaning that they have their origin in living organisms such as plant life and animal life such as dinosaurs. It's quite obvious that coal, which is found deposited along with sedimentary rock, and which often has fossils in it, does have fossil origins. However, in the case of oil, there has been evidence for decades that oil does not have fossil origins but instead, is produced deep in the earth by a kind of volcanic activity. Although this mistake about the origins of oil was probably originally an innocent mistake, there is evidence that the "fossil" origin of oil has been promoted in the past few decades for geopolitical purposes. (See also here.) For example, the concept that there is a finite limit to the amount of fossil origin oil is a useful tool for controlling the production rate and price of oil. The fact is that new oil fields are being found continuously! But that is not to say that it will always be easy to find or economically extract from new oil fields. Just like gold and other minerals, the most easily found has already been found.

The key point here is this:

Anyone who is aware of the extreme unlikelihood of a fossil origin for oil but who still propagates the term, "fossil fuel" when talking about oil is knowingly propagating fake science, which creates financial and/or political gain for some people. Such scientific deception has been done before and will be done again in the future. Another current example of this is the heavy promotion of psychiatric drugs such as antidepressants when there is little or no scientific backing for the effectiveness of these drugs. This is what these notes on global warming are all about – the integrity of science and the rights of people to be told the truth by the media.