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For those who care about truth, and the integrity of science!

This is a very important topic because many people, including me, believe that on the topic of global warming, we are witnessing both massive scientific fraud (诈骗) and large-scale, organized public brainwashing!

 Introduction to these notes (for IELTS students)

Although it is important to have at least some knowledge of this topic for the IELTS test because it is a commonly used topic, it does not matter what you believe to be true – you can still get a good score in the test no matter what you believe. I have gone into some detail on this topic simply because I personally feel strongly about it. (People tend to have strong feelings when they realize they have been deceived.)

IELTS students should understand that the English in these three pages of notes is at quite an advanced level. If you don't understand the English very well, use a translation service such as|zh-CN| to help you read these pages. (Google translate does not give a perfect translation but it will help you.)

Be warned: A large number of the IELTS examiners would probably be strong believers in the theory of man-made climate change, some of them believing it with an almost religious passion.


What is this, "Global Warming" Topic All About?

The following famous 8-minute video, "Give Me a Break!" might help answer that question for you.  It was produced in 2008 and features well-known U.S. television journalist, John Stossel.

The topic of "global warming" is complex, very controversial and very political. It is not easy for the average person, a non-scientist, to seek out and evaluate the scientific arguments for and against man-made global warming but, to some extent, it can be done with effort.

It is equally as difficult to gain an understanding of the political ideology that is driving the man-made global warming movement, an ideology that goes much deeper than a simple concern for the environment.

Not all climate scientists agree that "man-made global warming" is actually taking place, or will take place, as a result of the increase of man-made CO2 in the atmosphere. In fact, very many scientists vehemently disagree with this theory, but we are told by the media that only a few scientists disagree.

However, even with this high degree of strong disagreement among scientists, this concept of "man-made global warming" has been heavily promoted in the media and in educational institutions and is the basis of major new government policies.

This is quite unprecedented – we are more accustomed to seeing scientists in agreement and not engaging in name-calling of each other, which is definitely not the scientific way.

We are told that there is "consensus" among almost all scientists on this question, that the argument is "settled" and that the degree of this global warming is predicted to be "catastrophic" for mankind.

This is all obviously some kind of political indoctrination!


Perhaps most significantly, the United Nations officially endorses this unproven theory of "man-made global warming". The fact that such an important political body endorses it, a body that has a lot of influence on the governments of all nations, does not, in itself, add credence to this theory. Instead, it simply shows how enormous is the scale of this fraud and brainwashing and how powerful are the interests behind this agenda.

There is a unit of the United Nations called the "IPCC" (The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), formed in 1988. The purpose of this unit is only to assess and report on man-made climate change, not to investigate the whole topic of climate change. This purpose, the mandate of the IPCC is expressed in this sentence:

"Its role is to assess on a comprehensive, objective, open and transparent basis the latest scientific, technical and socio-economic literature produced worldwide relevant to the understanding of the risk of human-induced climate change, its observed and projected impacts and options for adaptation and mitigation."

       The IPCC is not allowed, by their mandate, to investigate and report on the whole topic of climate change, which of course is a natural phenomenon. Notice that if any scientific research does not make it into the "latest scientific, technical and socio-economic literature", it is then excluded from assessment by the IPCC scientists when they make their report. This is a key point. More about this on Page 2, under "Climategate'.


One of the Best Ever Environmental Speeches

In late November 2009, just after the infamous 'Climategate' data release, the internet political commentator James Corbett made the following speech:

"A Message to the Environmental Movement"


In 2010, on the one-year anniversary of Climategate he also made the following video:

"Climategate is Still the Issue"

That video has several examples of the fraud found in Climategate.


See also his article,



The Dark Story Behind Global Warming aka Climate Change

By F. William Engdahl

Oct. 16, 2018

The recent UN global warming conference under auspices of the deceptively-named International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) concluded its meeting in South Korea discussing how to drastically limit global temperature rise. Mainstream media is predictably retailing various panic scenarios “predicting” catastrophic climate change because of man-made emissions of Greenhouse Gases, especially CO2, if drastic changes in our lifestyle are not urgently undertaken. There is only one thing wrong with all that. It’s based on fake science and corrupted climate modelers who have reaped by now billions in government research grants to buttress the arguments for radical change in our standard of living. We might casually ask “What’s the point?” The answer is not positive.

Continue reading my copy HERE


Read the original copy at

Global Warming: Ten Facts and Ten Myths on Climate Change
By Prof. Robert M. Carter

Nov, 2017


NYC Climate Lawsuit Riddled With Errors

January 16, 2018   Michael Bastach, The Daily Caller

It’s only been about a week since New York City filed suit against five major oil companies, and one economist has already found basic factual errors in the city’s legal filing.

The city’s narrative of a grand conspiracy by fossil fuel companies to silence well-meaning climate scientists has run into reality. One of the climate researchers Mayor Bill de Blasio’s legal team attacked has fired back, pointing out factual errors in the suit.

Canadian economist Ross McKitrick said “complaint contains numerous untrue statements about matters on which I have direct personal knowledge,” according to a lengthy statement he published online.

Continue reading HERE


My Experience of January 6/7, 2018 in Sydney

Written January 7, 2018

Let me first set the scene.

I live in an inner suburb of Sydney, Australia, about 4 kilometres from the Sydney harbour bridge and about 8 kilometres from the coast. It's summer here and one would expect many hot days in the December-February period, including several very hot days. That's normal for summer here.

Continued HERE


Major Climate Scientists Jumping Ship

August 24, 2016

Several well-known scientists who support the "man-made global warming" theory are now agreeing that a period of major global cooling is just about to start or has just started.

See this short video on the Youtube channel, Adapt 2030 : or see my copy of the video here.

See also Growing Consensus of an Upcoming Period of Global Cooling


A Very Reasonable Fellow!

"There's a difference between healthy skepticism and denial."

A short speech in the British House of Commons, spoken by British MP David Davies, 2015.


The Words Of Professor Lindzen

If you are genuinely interested in knowing the truth about this matter, I urge you to read, and consider, the following statement from Professor Richard Lindzen. He is the Alfred P. Sloan Professor of Atmospheric Sciences (Emeritus) Massachusetts Institute of Technology. (MIT is the best science university in the USA.)

Lindzen made this comment in the online Comments section of the Wall Street Journal in 2006.

Continue reading here

Lindzen - GWPF Speech, 2018


Why are climate-change models so flawed?

[Before you read this article, keep in mind this quotation - "The data doesn't matter. We're not basing our recommendations on the data. We're basing them on the climate models." -- Prof. Chris Folland, Hadley Centre for Climate Prediction and Research. That quotation tells you how much they based their predictions and IPCC reports on computer "models".] 

By "data" he means real-life measurements of climate factors such as temperature. As any scientist knows, the data DOES matter! Data is supreme!


A Key Point

Lindzen and others say that a doubling of the current atmospheric CO2 content (regardless of how much is contributed by mankind's activities), will result in a 1 to 2º C increase in the global temperature as a result of the Greenhouse Effect. Furthermore, at the current rate of increase of atmospheric CO2, it will be 200 years before this doubling will be achieved!

From the graph below, that would take us back to the climate of the Medieval Warming Period or the Minoan Warming Period of about 1000 BC, both of which were balmy periods of prosperity and cultural advancement in human history!

Fig. 1 Average Global Temperatures for the Past 3,000 Years    

(From A graph that appeared in early United Nations IPCC reports.)


No Increase in Warming Since 1998

Virtually all scientists, whether they agree with man-made global warming or not, agree that global temperature data, especially satellite data, shows no statistically significant increase in average global temperatures since about 1998. That is why they changed the name from "Global Warming" to "Climate Change", which is a safe name because, of course, the climate is always changing. The idea that climate is a static situation that never changes over the years is an idea that some uneducated people might hold but climate does change over the decades, hundreds of years and thousands of years, just like, on a longer time scale, the continents of the world have shifted their positions over millions of years and just like the evolution of living species.


Global Cooling, not Global Warming

Several scientists are now predicting that we have started to enter a period of global cooling, caused by changes in the sun's cyclic activities, which will last for several decades. This is quite a contrast to the prediction of global warming on a scale that would threaten human life on this planet!

In fact, a slight warming of the planet would be good for food production but even a slight cooling would cause large-scale starvation because so many people are already living on the edge of starvation. But where in the media do we read that governments or the United Nations have expressed concern about this very possible future global cooling? Nowhere! One reason, I suspect, is that the United Nations IPCC has been taken over by special interest groups. In fact, it was formed by special interest groups. Not scientists.


Professor Valentina Zharkova: "It will be a Grand Solar Minimum"

Valentina Zharkova One of the Most IMPORTANT GSM Interviews EVER - The Grand Solar Minimum Channel

The Solar Magnet Field and the Terrestrial Climate


Sir Guy Green Former Chief-Justice and Governor of Tasmania, Australia, former Chancellor of The University of Tasmania and former acting Governor-General of Australia.

Climate Science Lacking in Intellectual Rigour, Encourages Skeptics


Speaking at the 2007 convention of the Australian Skeptics Society, University of Tasmania, Hobart, 2007


Finnish Study Finds 'Practically No' Evidence for Man-Made Climate Change

July 12, 2019


June 2016 Australian Storm – Perfect Example of Global Cooling

June 11, 2016

On June 5 and 6, 2016 Eastern Australia experienced a once-in-30-years (or more) storm. This storm extended all the way from the coast of Queensland to Tasmania, a distance of more than 2,500 km.

The main feature of this storm was the incredible amount of rain. For example, the village of Robertson, south west of Sydney, experienced 617 millimetres (24 inches) of rain in two days!  Link, Screenshot

Severe flooding was experienced all down the east coast of Australia. In Tasmania, every river was in flood at the same time, something that has never been recorded before in history. Some dairy farmers in Tasmania lost their entire herd of dairy cows, herds composed of hundreds of cows.

Continue reading here


The Misleading Use of the Words, "Green" and, "Carbon"

We even have people describing "low carbon" technology (i.e., human activity that results in low emissions of CO2 to the atmosphere) as "green" technology. Obviously this term is being used for propaganda purposes because everyone has a concern for the environment and everyone appreciates nature, including greenery. They are trying to convince us that if we have a genuine concern for the environment then we must adopt "low carbon" or "green" technology.

In fact, it is ridiculous terminology and very incorrect science because plants, which provide greenery, love CO2! Greenhouse keepers know that if you feed extra CO2 into a greenhouse, (for example, three times the current atmospheric level of CO2), the plants will grow stronger, bigger, quicker and greener! Yes, burning "fossil fuels" such as coal and oil produces air pollution, but it is not the released CO2 that is the pollutant – CO2 has been recognized for hundreds of years as an essential part of life on the planet. So, why are we being told this erroneous science about CO2?

Furthermore, I have always thought that there was something suspicious about the use of the term, "low carbon" when talking about the atmosphere because it is ambiguous. That is, the term can be used to trick scientifically unsophisticated people who are concerned about the environment.

The fact is that air pollution is a serious health problem in places such as cities (especially in China) and the vast majority of this pollution consists of fine particles called particulates. When we see smoke we are actually seeing these fine particles floating in the air. And what do these fine particles consist of? They consist of very small unburned particles of carbon. So the term, "carbon pollution" really means pollution caused mostly by soot. But now the pushers of the "man-made global warming" propaganda are trying to confuse scientifically unsophisticated people into thinking that, "carbon pollution" is mostly CO2..

The following video is a good example of how some apparently well-educated people don't know the difference between "carbon", "carbon dioxide" and what actually constitutes "pollution". It's an interview on the website Russia Today of Lord Christopher Monckton. The interviewer, Oksana Boyko has always impressed me as being very politically astute and she obviously has excellent English. But I was surprised by her scientific ignorance because I thought all Russians received a good grounding in science at school, even if they specialize later in English or politics.

I must add that, although I disagree with some aspects of Lord Monckton's overall political ideology, on the question of man-made global warming, I think he is spot-on. He has done excellent work on this topic and is one of the most active spokesmen against the fraud. The video is also on Youtube at


How Much Is Man's Activity Heating the Earth?

The bottom line to this complex controversy seems to be this: Apparently the Earth's atmosphere currently contains historically high levels of CO2, some of which has been undoubtedly produced by human activity. However, in geological history, which spans millions of years, CO2 levels have been, at times, as much as 30 times greater than they are now but with no accompanying catastrophic temperatures.

Some scientists claim that the Greenhouse Warming effect of the current level of CO2 will lead to catastrophic global warming while other scientists claim that the warming effect of this level (and future increases in this level) of CO2 will only be in tenths of a degree or just a couple of degrees if the atmospheric CO2 level is doubled, which will take about 200 years to happen if the current rate of increase is maintained. As Richard Lindzen, Professor of Meteorology at MIT says, it all comes down to the question of which scientists you choose to trust.

Personally, I choose to trust those scientists who have not been shown to have engaged in fraud, as you will understand when you read about "Climategate" on Page 2. Not only that, and very importantly, the estimated increases in CO2 attributable to mankind's activities are relatively insignificant compared to the contributions from natural sources. To attribute all of, or even a significant part of the rise in CO2 to man is itself scientific fraud when there is no evidence to support such a statement. Most scientists estimate that 4% or 5% of total CO2 input to the atmosphere comes from man's activities.

Below is one of the many videos of Richard Lindzen explaining his viewpoint on the overall topic of (man-made) global warming.


Man's Insignificant Contribution to Global Warming

See here for calculations showing that mankind's contribution to the average temperature of the earth, as produced by the Greenhouse Effect, is most probably somewhere between 0.07° to 0.46°, which is almost impossible to detect on most thermometers.

Not many people know that the proponents of man-made global warming does not dispute these 0.07° to 0.46° figures. But they go one more step in their "explanation" of how man-made global warming will be catastrophic unless we, "tackle climate change". They have invented the idea of a cascading series of "positive feedbacks".

Positive Feedbacks and the "tipping point"

In this fanciful theory of a cascading series of "positive feedbacks" (like a domino effect), they say the heat produced by the greenhouse effect of all CO2 in the air, (not just human produced CO2) will not only be magnified but will lead to a "tipping point" after which we will have runaway global heating.

And they have programmed these positive feedbacks into their climate models, which all the IPCC reports are based on. Negative feedbacks (such as the cooling effect of clouds) which usually exist in natural systems are not included in the climate models. But all natural systems do have negative feedbacks to counteract imbalances to the system caused by positive feedbacks and bring the system back to stability. In other words, the point at which the advocates of "man-made global warming" and the "climate deniers" or "climate skeptics diverge is the inclusion of these positive feedbacks and the "tipping point".

This theory of all positive feedbacks and no negative feedbacks is absolute, unscientific speculation, completely unproven. Such a phenomenon has never been observed in natural systems before! As Dr. Lindzen says, if such a phenomenon existed in reality, the earth would not have lasted as long as it has.


    Al Gore  (Title inspired by the Church of Scientology, another fraud.)

This is a separate topic from the genuine issue of environmental degradation caused by man, such as air pollution, water pollution and the problem of the conservation of natural resources. (See: "Taking Back the Environmental Movement".)

People who oppose the concept of "CO2 as a pollutant" are not opposed to renewable and clean forms of energy such as solar and wind power. They just don't like the slogan of "low carbon" being mindlessly parroted instead of the truth being explained. If the truth took the place of this "low carbon religion", renewable energy research and usage would still progress, but based on rationality rather than on pseudoscientific deception and the ineffective financial system called, "carbon trading".


Obama Laughed at in Congress when he says, "... the overwhelming scientific evidence on climate change ..."

Those are Obama's own "deputies" behind him. They don't seem to be taking the topic too seriously.


The basic message of this video is this – The major governments of the West (e.g., of the U.S.A. and Britain) knowingly tell us blatant lies on various important topics. These governments are supported by the mainstream media, which represent and are the mouthpieces for these governments – they are not "independent" and "truth-seeking" as some people naively believe.

Video, "Lies

"Lies" as MP4 video:  Osama _ The Bin Ladens - It's All A Lie (Still You Believe).mp4

"Lies" as MP3:  ALL_A_LIE.mp3

"Lies" – lyrics:  'It's_all_Lies'_lyrics.htm

(You might also be interested in this video, and this one in connection with the supposed "victims" of the Boston Marathon bombing of 2013. There is considerable evidence that the Boston Marathon bombing was a hoax, as with almost all cases of so-called "Islamic terrorism" in the West. See also here and here.)


(An important news article)

Leading Science Journal Editor Claims 50% of Scientific Research Today is Fraudulent  (April, 2016)

If you think about it, this is a very significant development especially considering the standing of the person who made this claim, but we won't see this news in the mainstream media.

There is a lot of discussion at the moment about the corruption of science today, not just concerning climate, but all science.

The Editor of Lancet, the leading medical science journal in the world, which reports on medical science research, is not just referring to medical science here – if you carefully read his statements, you'll see that he is referring to all scientific research today.

Original Lancet article -


A related article:

New Paper: Public Health Commission is “Sacrificing The Poor”

Date: 18/01/18   Global Warming Policy Foundation

London, 18 January: A pair of influential reports published by the medical journal, The Lancet, are a “gross distortion” of public health science and threaten to devastate public health in the developing world. That is the warning by eminent epidemiologist Mikko Paunio.

Continue reading HERE

( An additional copy of Paunio's report is available HERE)


Top British Universities Found Producing ‘Fake Research’

March 27, 2017

also copied to -


See here for my comments on the following questions – But Can't We Trust the Government and the Media to Tell us the Truth? And Isn't the United Nations Trustworthy?

See here for my comments about Polls and Opinion Surveys on the Question of a Changing Climate

See here for my comments about The Relationship Between Party-Political Ideology and Climate Change

See here for my comments about "Conservatives" and "Progressives" and Climate Change



You should try to familiarize yourself with both sides of this controversy, not just the side provided by the mainstream media, and ask yourself why this topic has become so political. Hint: political power and big money, especially concerning the introduction of a new "financial instrument" called "carbon trading", which will generate billions of dollars in dealer commissions and will be susceptible to large-scale speculation and fraud.

We have already seen what "financial derivatives" did to the global economy in 2008, the so-called "global financial crisis". Overall, there are plans to generate hundreds of billions of dollars from various forms of "carbon taxes".

In fact, people have been talking in terms of trillions of dollars being spent worldwide to combat a supposed, "future catastrophic global warming produced by mankind's emission of CO2 into the atmosphere" when, in all likelihood, all this expenditure would reduce the global temperatures by only a fraction of a degree.

Let the whole of humanity benefit from our global financial system, not just a few.

And let scientific truth reign, not lies.

The old view of climate still holds true – it is the sun that overwhelmingly controls climate on earth, not the trace gas CO2 (0.04% of the atmosphere), and certainly not mankind's contribution to atmospheric CO2 (which is about 5% of the CO2 released into the atmosphere annually).



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