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Part 1 Topics and Questions

For The IELTS Speaking Tests, January - April, 2011

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16.  Numbers  NC


17.  Time Management  NC

    See some vocabulary about time


18.  Painting and Drawing  NC

   See Also 'All Part 1 Questions' 49. Art

    and See Also 'All Part 1 Questions' 11. Drawing and Painting

    Some questions might be about painting and others about drawing. "Painting" is wet; "drawing" is dry.


See also these questions from Part 1, Jan-Apr 2010


19.  Concerts  NC

The exact words for these questions are not clear. Listen carefully to the exact words of the examiner because a single change of word can completely change a meaning. For example, to "listen to a concert" can be done by watching it on TV, by listening to a CD or by actually going to the concert and listening to it live. But if the questions asks if if you have ever attended (= been to) a concert, it is asking you about listening to a live concert.


20.  Collecting  C

     See also ALL_PART_1_QUESTIONS 7. Collecting


21. Films  C

      See also ALL_PART_1_QUESTIONS 13. Films


22.  Languages  C

    See also ALL_PART_1_QUESTIONS 20. Languages

    See Notes


23.  Traveling  C

See also ALL_PART_1_QUESTIONS 40. Travel

Almost certainly, this means traveling to places as a tourist away from your hometown, not travelling (commuting) to work or school in your city or town. 

The emphasis of this topic seems to be on tourism, although the word "travel" can apply to simply going somewhere, not necessarily as a tourist. For example, you might sometimes make long trips to go from your hometown to another city where you attend university.   

It looks like there might be two different sets of "travelling" questions.


24.  Science  NC


25.  Holidays  N

This meaning of "holiday" is 节日, similar to "festival".

(The other meaning is the same as, "vacation" or 假期. This is usually used in the plural form such as, "my summer holidays" = "my summer vacation". But this just means your "break from work or from school". If, during your "summer holidays" you go for a two-week trip to the seaside, that trip and that experience is usually spoken as "my summer holiday" not "my summer holidays". In other words, a special trip made for the purpose of relaxation or recreation is also called a "holiday".)


26.  Flowers  C

     See also these Part 1 questions on Flowers from May-Aug, 2010

    See also All Part 1 Questions 14. Flowers

    See Note on the word, "send"


27.  Housework  NC

        See also ALL_PART_1_QUESTIONS 18. Housework

        See some vocabulary here


28.  Gifts  N


       See also these questions from Part 1, Sep-Dec 2009

       See also ALL_PART_1_QUESTIONS 19. Gifts  

        See Note on the word, "send"


29.  Outdoor Activities  NC