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Explanation of the Part 2/3 Topic Index 



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96.    Ideal Home  (May 19, 2007)  (Probably no longer used)


Certainly, similar but new topics are frequently introduced at later dates these new topics are similar to earlier topics but a few words on the card are different to the earlier topics and the Part 3 questions also differ, to some extent, from the earlier topics. Sometimes this 'later date' is the very next test after the old, but similar topic was retired! 

'FQx2' means 'very frequently asked question'! ('FQx2' has also not yet been attached to all the very frequently asked questions.)

  1. Old Part 3 questions often reappear with (slightly) different new Part 2 topics and,

  2. Examiners remember old Part 3 questions and sometimes include them as part of a 'discussion' with candidates in other Part 3 topics.

The label, Possibly no longer used is also used when the topic has not been reported as used for a long time, (e.g., it hasn't been used in the past four tests), even if the first reported usage of the topic was less than 12 months ago. The difference between this label and Probably no longer used is that the word "possibly" is less confident than the word, "probably".

This label is also used when I think there is a possibility that this topic might be used again in the near future. This happens in the months of January, May and September -  in September 2009, January 2010 and May 2010, the examiners sometimes used, at random times during the month, the topics that should have been recently retired.

          Information about the Dates

Not only that, it is quite possible that the test managers will decide to change their policy and use some topics for, say, 15 months or even 18 months. But there is no evidence yet of such a policy change.

         Information About New Topics

So, the best time to do the test is in the month (or the two months) before those times! 

In the first test of January, May & September, when new topics were first being introduced into the test, three new topics appeared on each test weekend. After this had been happening for 2 or 3 weekends and when the test managers had come to the end of the topics to be introduced, only one or two topics were introduced in one weekend. In other words, the new topics were introduced over the first 2 or 3 test weekends in the months of January, May and September.

On those weekends when those three new topics were being introduced, one new topic was only used for half a day on that test weekend. And this same topic was used, usually in the same half day, all over China. These half day periods are: Saturday afternoon, Sunday morning and Sunday afternoon. (I'm not sure what happened when Monday tests were held.) In other words, a new topic that was used on Saturday afternoon or on Sunday morning was not used again on that weekend.

However, understand that this previously happened only sometimes on the first tests of January, May and September. At other times, it seemed that the test managers throw in about ten new topics all at the same time (and all over China).