How to See the Exact Changes to this Website

Note that you need to have two sets of pages to compare in order to see what changes have been made. To do this, you need to save the pages that you want to check from this website twice, in two different folders - the main folder holding a copy of  the pages you want to check, (which is your previous copies of those pages), and another folder holding the newest copies of those pages.

Also note that this program, "htmlmatch" is free to use for only 30 days, after which you need to buy it. But you can get around this restriction by temporarily changing the date on your computer so that it looks like you are still within the 30-day period. Of course, there are other free programs out there that do the same thing as "htmlmatch". (Don't forget to change the date back to the real date after you have finished using the program because, if you don't, it might cause some problems to your system files.)