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Model Answer, Cambridge Practice IELTS Tests, Book 9, Test 3, Task 1



The population charts for Italy and Yemen in 2000 and 2050 show that the average age of the population in both countries is expected to increase over this period as a result of two factors: a decrease in the proportion of people aged under 15 (by 13% in Yemen and 3% in Italy) but mostly as a result of the natural aging of the largest age groups existing in 2000.

That is, most of the 50.1% under 15 age group in Yemen in 2000 is expected to become the largest group in that country fifty years later, a 53.7% 15-59 age group. Similarly, the very large Italian 61.6% 15-59 group in 2000 is expected to become the 42.3% over-60 age group in Italy in 2050, a substantial increase from the 24.1% that this oldest age group represented in 2000. Nevertheless, the 15-59 age group in Italy is projected to still be slightly bigger, at 46.2%, than the elderly group.

Noticeably, this projected aging of the Italian 15-59 age group is not expected to be replicated among the large 46.3% of the Yemeni population aged 15 to 59 in 2000, since it is estimated that the over-60 group in Yemen will be only 5.7% of the population in 2050, a relatively small increase from the 2000 figure of 3.6% for this group. 

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