Written Dec. 6, 2013

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Model Answer, Cambridge Practice IELTS Tests, Book 9, Test 1, Task 1



From these two diagrams, we see that two thirds of this island has been extensively developed with tourist facilities while the remaining one third appears to have been left untouched. Previous to this development, the island had no infrastructure whatsoever. Notably, the trees have all been preserved. 

More specifically, a pier has been constructed on one side of the island, with a vehicular track leading from the pier to a reception centre about 40 metres across the island. This track encircles the reception building and continues across to the far side of the island where a restaurant is situated. 

Accommodation units have been built on either side of the reception centre, in two separate circular formations, with one formation comprised of 9 units and the other of 6 units, and with no unit more than 80m from the reception building. The units in each group are all connected to a circular pathway in the centre of each formation and, in the case of the left-hand group of units, the pathway extends to a beach at the far left of the island, about 100m from the reception centre. The pathway for this group also connects to the circular track surrounding the reception building, in contrast to the pathway for the right-hand group of units, which does not connect to the track. 

Word count = 220