Updated July 17, 2012


Transcript of the base jumping video


Note: Not all of his English is normal, 'everyday' English. He uses some language that is jargon, that is, language that is only known or only used by people in a certain group. Here, the group is those people who are 'base jumping' enthusiasts. Even the word, 'base jumping' is new. (And I don't know why this activity was given that name.) Jargon is shown in this transcript in italics, like this: ski base jumps.

The word "buzz" here means "fly close to something".


"So we came here to Norway to jump off some of the biggest cliffs in the world ... and, in the past we've always done ski base jumps and ... kept our skis on and done really short delays. What we've always wanted to do is go off a terminal cliff, 'terminal' meaning you reach terminal velocity...... to go off a cliff, do some flips or something, rip your skis off and then ... fly away in a wing suit."


"What we were doing last winter was, the 'wingsuit ski base' kind of stunt but now we're here in the summertime with regular wingsuits to jump off some of the biggest cliffs in the world ..... We came over here specifically to learn how to fly our wingsuits off the cliffs .... and learn how to proximity fly and just learn as much as we can from these Norwegians and as much as we can from Loic (the French guy in the video)."

Loic Jean Albert (from France): "At the beginning of wingsuit base jumping, we were trying to get as far from the wall as possible. So, basically, clearing out the whole thing (not really suitable English) and ... now it's getting boring so we play around."


"I'll never forget that I'll never forget seeing these guys that I've been watching from the basejumping movies, doing it in person ... just buzzing the walls! Like, scraping their fingernails just about, on ... on ledges at about 100 miles an hour."

"How close to the road do you think you'll get?"

"Ah, about here .... hopefully."


"Flying a wingsuit is kind of just like you would imagine flying. (You know), if you've ever dreamt about flying you just, kind of ... you probably dream of just soaring around and you ... you just, kind of, go wherever you look and you keep your arms out and just, ... just do it."

"Probably one of the most impressive things on the trip was just seeing Espin fly that close to the ground, buzzing the road."

"Dude! That was sick!"

"Holy shit!"

"You know, any little stick or bush or, ... you know, rock or tree limb could have, ... you know, could have got him. But, ... you know, he knew right where he was going and he had scouted the line and he'd done it a few times before so, it was all good."