(Modified Oct 24, 2018)


How to Search This Website

At the moment, this website does not have a search function. However, you can use a search engine to achieve the same results.


The Simple Way to Search This Site Using Google and Similar Search Engines

  1. Go to or (as I prefer),
  2. Enter your search item in the box, as you normally do, but follow that with the following;
  3. The results will be only for this website.


A Slight Variation on the Method Shown Above, in Detail:

Using English Google

1.   Go to

2.   Click   Advanced Search 

3.   Fill in the search words as you normally do.

4.  Write '' in the box following the words, "return results from the site or domain" so that it looks like this:

return results from the site or domain


5.  Then do the search as you normally do. The results will be only for


If you are in China, Google (and Startpage) are not available. I assume Baidu in China can be used in the same way that Google is used.