Updated Nov. 30, 2007


Part 1 Topics and Questions

For The IELTS Speaking Tests in Mainland China, Sept. 1 - Dec. 16, 2007


1)  For more general information on Part 1 of the test and about this page, go HERE. (Some of this is old information that was applicable before May, 2007.)

2)  * = a question about which there is some doubt but which you should prepare for, anyway.

3)  If there are two or more questions in one topic that are very similar, you will only be asked one of them.

4)  For questions followed by 'Why?/Why not?' you should include why or why not in your answer. 

5)  IMPORTANT: It is your responsibility to listen carefully to the exact words of the questions that the examiner asks. Do not assume that you know what the question is until the examiner has finished asking the question because it is possible that some of the questions here are not 100% accurate. You should answer according to the wording of the questions (= the grammatical form), not just the meaning of the questions.

6)  Sometimes examiners use previously used topics. See INDEX OF PAST PART 1 TOPICS. The topics below are only those topics that have been reported. It is also possible that you will get any topic that has been in the past.

7)  Read my comments about these new topics, HERE.

8)   IMPORTANT: The page you are reading now contains the topics and questions that people have reported on the internet since September 1, 2007. Most questions that have been reported are the same questions that have been used previously, although some topics, and the questions for these topics, are new after Sept. 1 this year. Some questions that have been reported since Sept 1. have not been written here because they are already listed in All Part 1 Questions.

      The smartest thing to do is to study all the topics and questions on the following page: - All Part 1 Questions. The reason for this is we do not know if examiners, or when examiners, will randomly choose a topic that has been used in the past. This is a big change from the method of Part 1 topic selection that was used before May this year.  The questions listed on 'All Part 1 Questions' are questions that have been used in the recent past, since January 2006.

      You can choose to prepare only for the topics that are listed on the page you are reading. But it is possible that, at any time, old Part 1 topics such as 'Birds' or 'Dance' or 'Collecting' could be used.


Summary of Part 1 Topics

0The four standard introductory questions.

1.     Your Work/Your Studies

2.     Your Home (Your Accommodation)

3.  Your Hometown

One of the three topics above is a compulsory topic and you will be asked about 4 questions on this topic. You will then be asked questions on two of the topics from below. (Again, about 4 questions per topic).

4.  Transportation

5.  Friends

6.     Your Secondary School

7.   Telephones (New topic after Sept 1, 2007)

8.   Weather

9.  Music

10. Sport

11. Newspapers (New topic after Sept 1, 2007)

12. Housework (New topic after Sept 1, 2007)

13. Meals

14. Clothes

15. Letters & Emails

16. Daily Routine

17. Computers

18. Parks

19. Leisure Time & Relaxing

20. Painting & Drawing

21. Games

22. Photography

23. Gifts

24. Reading

25. Shopping

26. People's Ages


1.  Your Work/Your Studies

l        Do you work or are you a student?


1a) Your Work   

See also ALL_PART_1_QUESTIONS 1b. Your Work

l       What work/job do you do?

l        Why did you choose that job/that kind of work?

l What's the most difficult part of your job? 

l What holidays from work do you have during the year?


1b) Your Studies

See also ALL_PART_1_QUESTIONS 1a. Your Studies

l       What subject are you studying?

l        Why did you choose that subject? 

l        Why did you choose to attend that university/school?

l        What do you most like about your university/school?  

l        Which class do (did) you enjoy the most? (Why?)

l  Do you think it will be easy for you to get a job after you graduate?

l What holidays do you have from school/university?


2.     Your Home (Your Accommodation)

See also ALL_PART_1_QUESTIONS 2. Your Home (Your Accommodation)

l        What sort of accommodation do you live in at the moment - a house or a flat? 

l        What do you usually do in your house/flat/room? 

l        What part of your home do you like the most? 

l      (Similar to above) What do you like most about your home?

l        What do you least like (= like least) about your home? 

l        Are there many people living near you?

l        Do you know all your neighbours?

l        What kind of people are your neighbours?

l        Do you spend much time socializing with your neighbours in your neighbours' homes? ('socializing' = talking to; 他们一起玩 )

l        Would you say the place where you live is good for families (with children)?

l        What public facilities are there near your home?


3.  Your Hometown

See also ALL_PART_1_QUESTIONS 3. Your Hometown 

l        Do you like the city where you are living now?

l        Would you say it's a good place for young people to live?

l        (Similar to above) Would you say it's a good place for children to grow up?


4.  Transportation

See also ALL_PART_1_QUESTIONS 39. Transport

l      How did you get to the test today? (What form of transportation did you use?)

l      What type of transportation do you usually (or, most often) use?

l      For you, what are the benefits (advantages) of using that form of transportation?

l      What do you think of the transport conditions in your hometown? 

l      Do you think transportation costs (gasoline, subway, bus & taxi fares, etc) are expensive in your hometown?   

l      In China, is transportation in the big cities the same as transportation in small towns and  villages?


5. Friends

See also ALL_PART_1_QUESTIONS 16. Friends

l           Do you like meeting new people? 

l           How do people get to know (get to meet) new people?

l           (Similar to above) Do you like talking to strangers?  

l           When was the last occasion you met someone new? 

l           Can you remember your first (or, your earliest) friends? (Who were they?)

l           Would you say friends are important? 


6.    Your Secondary School

See also ALL_PART_1_QUESTIONS 44. Your Secondary School

l        How do you feel about your high school (secondary school)? 

l        Why did you choose to attend (= to go to) that particular school?

l        Which class did (do) you enjoy the most? (Why?) 


7.    Telephones  (New topic after Sept 1, 2007)

See also ALL_PART_1_QUESTIONS 37. Telephones

l        Do you often make phone calls? 

l        When do you make these phone calls?

l        Who do you call?

l        For what purposes do you make or receive phone calls? 

l        Are cellphones very popular in China? (Why?)

l        Which do you prefer to use, a cellphone or a normal house phone (= 'an older-style telephone'; a 'land line phone')? (Why?)

l        What are the differences between cell phones and typical house phones?

l        Which is better, a face-to-face conversation or a phone call? (why?)


8.  Weather

See also ALL_PART_1_QUESTIONS 41. Weather

l        What type(s) of weather cause inconvenience for you? 


9. Music



10. Sport

See ALL_PART_1_QUESTIONS 35. Sport/Exercise


11. Newspapers  (New topic after Sept 1, 2007)

See also ALL_PART_1_QUESTIONS 25. Newspapers

l        Do you often read newspapers?

l        How old were you when you first started to read newspapers?

l        What kinds of news do Chinese people read in newspapers?

l        Do you prefer to read about domestic (or local) news or international news? (Why?)

l        What different types of newspaper are there in China?

l        Do you care about the news? 

l        Is the news important (to you)?

l What are some methods that newspapers use to attract readers?


12. Housework  (New topic after Sept 1, 2007)

See also ALL_PART_1_QUESTIONS 18. Housework

l        Do you like to do housework?  (Why?/Why not?)

l        What housework do you least like doing? (Why?)

l        Who usually does the housework in your home?

l        When you were a child, did you ever do any housework?

l        Do you think it's important for children to do some housework?


13. Meals



14. Clothes


l      Do any colours have special meaning in your culture?

15. Letters & Emails

See ALL_PART_1_QUESTIONS 22. Letters & Emails


16. Daily Routine

Also also ALL_PART_1_QUESTIONS.htm#9. Daily Routine

l      Do you do the same thing every day?

l      What are you usually doing at this time of the day?


17. Computers

See ALL_PART_1_QUESTIONS 8. Computers


18. Parks

See ALL_PART_1_QUESTIONS 28. Parks and Public Gardens


19. Leisure Time & Relaxing

Also see ALL_PART_1_QUESTIONS.htm#21. Leisure Time & Relaxing

l        What do you usually do in the afternoons?

l        What do you like to do at home?

l        What are some of the public holidays that China has?


20. Drawing &/or Painting

See ALL_PART_1_QUESTIONS 11. Drawing or Painting


21. Games

See also ALL_PART_1_QUESTIONS 17. Games

l        Do you know of any games that are studied in university? (Hints: Game Theory in mathematics; Sports games are also studied in Sports research centres.)


22. Photography

See ALL_PART_1_QUESTIONS 30. Photography


23. Gifts



24. Reading

See ALL_PART_1_QUESTIONS 32. Reading


25. Shopping

See ALL_PART_1_QUESTIONS 34. Shopping


26. People's Ages

See ALL_PART_1_QUESTIONS 29. People's Ages