Updated Oct. 19, 2010


My Subject: Some Common Errors 

Here is a list of some errors that I have heard. The errors are highlighted in blue. The correct word is highlighted in yellow. If the name of the subject is written in blue, click on it to hear the pronunciation. More errors will be added later.


1. I'm studying Computer. Computer Science  

2. I'm studying Economical. Economics

3. I'm studying Economic. Economics

4. I'm studying Accountant. Accountancy / Accounting

5. I'm studying International Trade. International Trade Stress the second word, not the first.

6. I'm studying Tourist. Tourism

7. I'm studying Economic Law.  Commercial Law. The word 'Law' is stressed more than the word 'Commercial'.

8. I'm studying System Engineering. Systems Engineering or Systems Engineering. Add 's' to 'System'.

9. I'm studying Materials. Material Science (or possibly it is written as "Materials Science" but, when spoken, only one "s" sound is used.)

10. I'm studying Ar/chi/tec/ture. Ar/chi/tec/ture Word stress is on the first syllable, not the third.

11. I'm studying Medical. Medicine or Medical Science

12. I'm studying clinical medicine. I'm studying Medicine or Medical Science. The expression, "clinical medicine" has no meaning to English speakers because medicine is already, by its nature, 'clinical'.

13. I'm studying electronic business. I'm studying e-commerce or e-commerce.  'Electronic business' is not wrong but most English speakers know it as 'e-commerce'. "Electronic business" sounds like you are selling electronic goods such as computers.

14. I'm studying Electrical Engineer. I'm studying Electrical Engineering (or any other type of engineering). "Engineer" is the person; "Engineering" is the activity or the subject.

15. I'm studying Business of Administration. I'm studying Business Administration. (Maybe the Chinese translation of this includes the word "的", but English doesn't.)

16. I'm studying Architectural Design. I'm studying Architecture. (See 10, above.) The word, "architecture" already includes the meaning of "design"; it means, "the design of buildings."

17. I'm studying Communication. This is not 100% "wrong" but it's better to say, "I'm studying Communications" (add an "s"). Or: "My subject is Communication Studies". (To say, "I'm studying Communication Studies" is also possible but it doesn't sound so good when you repeat the word, "study".)

18. I'm studying Interior Decoration / Interior Design. (The stress is on the second word, not the first.)


If you are not sure about how to name what you study, you are welcome to email me & I'll try to help you. This will also allow me to add more items to this page!