Written May 3, 2008 


A list of 'Compare Questions' that are on this Website

This page shows most of the 'compare questions' listed on this website for Part 1. See HERE for Part 3 questions


  Part 1 'Compare Questions'

Part 1 Topic


  • What do you think are the advantages (and disadvantages) of 
    bicycles compared to cars? 
Relaxing & Leisure time
  • How does the way people like to relax in China compare 
    with western countries?
  • Compare the way people in China relax today and the way they 
    used to relax many years ago.
Letters & Emails
  • Compare emails and (handwritten) letters.
  • (Similar to above Do you prefer to write letters or emails? (Why?) 
  • What are the differences between handwritten letters and emails? 
  • Do you usually write letters to people or do you usually use a 
    cell-phone or email?
  • (Similar to above) When you communicate with people, do you 
    prefer to write a letter, write an email or call on your 
    cell-phone? (Why?)
  • (Similar to above) How do you communicate with others at work  by email or is it more convenient to communicate face-to-face?
  • Compare the music that young people like and the music that 
    old(er) people like.
  • Which instrument do you think would be better to study the 
    piano or the violin?  
  • Do you think the seasons have changed in recent years, compared to the past? (Why? How?)
  • Are boys and girls good at the same sports? 
  • In China, is transportation in the big cities the same as 
    transportation in small towns and villages?
  • Do different age groups of people like to play different games? 
    (Give examples - What games?)
  • What different types of newspaper are there in China?
  • Do you prefer to read about domestic (or local) news or 
    international news? (Why?)
People's Ages
  • Do you like your present age? (Why?/Why not?) (= Would 
    you prefer to be a different age to the age you are now?)
  • What do you think is the best age to be?
  • Do people have different pressures at different times of their life?
  • What reading materials do different kinds of people like? 
  • How (do you think) restaurants have changed, over the past few 
    years? (=How are restaurants today different to those of 
Television & Radio
  • What kind of entertainment do you prefer, TV or radio? (Why?)
  • How are radio programs and television programs different?
  • Do you prefer TV news or news on the radio? (Why?)
  • In China, has television/radio changed much in the past few 
    years? (How?)
  • Is there much difference between traditional dancing and modern 
    dancing? (What?) 
  • What are the differences between cell phones and typical house phones (fixed-line phones)?
  • Which do you prefer to use, a cellphone or a normal house phone (= a fixed-line phone)? (Why?)
  • Which is better, a face-to-face conversation or a phone call? (Why?)
  • Do men and women use telephones/cellphones in the same way?
  • (Similar to above) Are there any differences to the cellphones (= mobile phones) that men use, compared to those that women use?
  • How has advertising for cellphones developed in recent years? (Hint: Include a comparison with before.)
Your Studies
  • After you start working, do you think you will prefer that kind of life to being a student? 
Your Work
  • Do you prefer working to being a student? (Why?/Why not?)
Your Hometown
  • Which place do you prefer, your hometown or the city where you are studying (or working)?
  • How has your hometown changed in recent years? (E.g., the past 20 years or since you were a child.) 
  • Do you prefer informal (= casual) or formal clothes? (Why?)
  • Do you prefer to watch films in a cinema or at home? (Why?)
  • Do you prefer to eat at home or in restaurants? (Why?)  (What 
    are the advantages of home cooking?) 
  • Do you often eat with your family? or, Do Chinese people (or 
    you) prefer to eat with family or with friends? (Why?) 
  • Do you prefer to spend time with friends or spend time alone? 
  • Which meal do you prefer, lunch or dinner (supper)? (Why?)
  • Do you prefer to eat three full meals a day or do you prefer to 
    eat many snacks throughout the day?
  • Do you prefer to take photos yourself or to have other people 
    take photos? (Why?)
  • Do you prefer to take pictures (= take photos) of people or of 
    scenery? (Why?)
  • Do you prefer to send postcards to people or to send photos that 
    you took yourself? (Why?) (Or: As a souvenir of a place that 
    you visit, do you prefer to buy a postcard or take a photograph 
  • Do you prefer shopping in small shops or big supermarkets and 
    department stores? (Why?)
  • How do you think shopping has changed in China since you were 
  • Which do you prefer, Saturdays or Sundays? (Why?)
  • Have computers changed (= influenced) your life in any way? (If 
    yes, how?)
  • Have you ever been to any place where the weather is different to your hometown? (If yes, compare the two.)
  • Are there any big differences between people's names today in China and people's names many years ago?