Updated March 29, 2008


The Current Part 1 Topics and Questions - Introduction


For The IELTS Speaking Tests in Mainland China, Jan. 10 - Apr. 25, 2008

1)  This page will show all the Part 1 topics and questions that people report on the internet between January 10 and April 25, 2008.

2)  For more general information on Part 1 of the test and about this page, go HERE. (Some of this is old information that was applicable before May, 2007.)  

3)  * = a question about which there is some doubt but which you should prepare for, anyway.

4)  If there are two or more questions in one topic that are very similar, you will only be asked one of them.

5)  For questions that ask for your opinion or likes & dislikes or preference, you should include at least one reason why or why not in your answer.  

6)  IMPORTANT: It is your responsibility to listen carefully to the exact words of the questions that the examiner asks. Do not assume that you know what the question is until the examiner has finished asking the question because it is possible that some of the questions here are not 100% accurate. You should answer according to the wording of the questions (= the grammatical form), not just what you think is the meaning of the questions.

8)  All the questions and topics on this page will also be added to this page: All Part 1 Questions. That pages shows all the topics and questions that have been used in China since January, 2006.

9)  Some of the topics below are new (= they have not been used since January 2006) but some of the other topics, although not new topics, have some new questions. Others seem to be old topics with all old questions.