Updated Jan 21, 2011


Some General Notes that Always Apply to the Part 1 Page of this Website

(Possibly you don't need to give any extra information after answering this question: Do you work or are you a student? For that particular question, if you do give extra information, it might be best to make it rather short and general, although a lot of extra information might also be suitable in rare cases.)

For example: Do you think the internet is a good thing? Don't just say, "Yes, I do." and then stop. You should answer by first saying, "Yes, I do." and then follow that with some examples of what you think are the good points about the internet. 

You could answer that particular question with an answer such as, "Yes, I think it's mostly a good thing but I also think there are a few negative sides to it." And then explain what you mean by giving examples or by speaking more specifically.