Updated Jun. 25, 2018


About the Other Copies of This Website that Can be Found on the Internet

So, I see that there are now several copies of my website on the internet. Here are four of the copies that I know of:


You will notice that none of them are up-to-date. 


Let me comment on each one individually.

  1. Magicielts

This copy was made, and put onto the internet, without my permission or knowledge. Strangely, it seems that it was first put onto the internet just a few days before my original website ( was taken off the internet! (before I had any idea that my website would be closed down.) After my website was taken off the internet, I felt that, for the sake of the readers of the website, it was good that this copy existed. I emailed the person who made the copy and suggested he use the zip files that I had made to make the website more up-to-date. He replied to my email and apologized for not seeking my permission.


  1. Aspspider

The guy who made this website is a "good guy". He asked my permission to put that copy on the internet and he co-operated with me. That "shadow copy" was made shortly after the original website was closed down, when I was unsure if I would be able to continue my website at any location. That copy will probably never be updated again and will probably stay on the internet for only a few more months.


  1. 51ielts

Now, this is where I am starting to get ANGRY! This copy was made, without my permission or knowledge, after I transferred my files to this new location at

Why am I angry? Firstly, there has never been any indication that this new location is not stable and might also disappear one day I have made it clear that, as far as I know, this site is stable and that this is the permanent location of my website.

But the main reason I am angry is this: Have a look at this screenshot (below) of their front page. And look at the words that I have enclosed in red. These guys are committing identity theft, a form of criminal fraud. They are trying to make it seem that I wrote that the new location of my website is at This is 100% incorrect! I never wrote those words!

Actually, I suspect that the person who made that page is a bit stupid or careless or he doesn't understand much English. Who would ever write, "This webpage used to exist as but now it exists as" (the same name!)

My former website, was never associated with 51ielts in any way.


Screenshot of at January 14, 2011.


I know nothing about this website, which has a "Last change" date of 2015.